2017 The Year of Unity Energy Forecast

2017 The Year of Unity Energy Forecast


2017We are entering 2017 with more light in the planet than ever before and more awakened people. Everyone is vibrating at a higher frequency and this may feel odd or you may even begin the year with illness but know this is just the last cleanse of 2016 still affecting you.


The first 3 months of the year is kind of like the corridor or the ante room, giving us all another opportunity to reflect assess and let go. More importantly though it is about standing in your power consciously, everyone has been pushed one way or another in 2016 to claim their own sovereignty and the first 3 months is about setting that in.


This of course is not going to always feel comfortable and some of you may feel a little disappointed after the hype and you may feel like it is just more of 2016. This is not the case so be aware of that. We are all going to be tested until the end of march, our fears and insecurities will be pushed in our faces but it is not real it is all an illusion.


The energy of patience will continue this year and this will be a lesson for many; you cannot push things before they are ready or it will just blow up in your face. April is when the new cycle comes in with a bang and gets moving, this will then be a really exciting and rewarding time, between April and June it will be as if you have the Midas touch and will seem a big contrast between the first quarter and the second quarter.


These new energies are going to take a little time for you to get your head round hence the first 3 months of the year, it is preparation are you ready and are you willing to jump into the unknown and have some fun. You cannot enjoy 2017 with the mind-set of previous years; otherwise you will just miss half of the picture.


The deaths will continue for the next 3 months and nearly everyone will have been affected and lost someone. So there will be a wave of grief and mourning across the planet in the first 4 months, validate your feelings on this but know it is all part of the plan. You must feel this but then let it go.


Once we get over the bridge that is June, life changes dramatically and the lovelight energy is going to be epic and you will feel it. I feel it like a wave of love, this is Unity and it is the most amazing energy. For all of you that are struggling on your journey that feel isolated and alone, you will never feel alone again. If you sit and listen you will feel that connection!

I seek solitude a lot because I feel the awesome connection to all living things and sometimes I don’t want that connection to be of the human kind, as sometimes in-balanced egos can be hard work and that is my job, so when I have time out it’s with nature and animals.


I see so many exciting things happening next year and the Love is amazing, this is creator energy, love passion excitement, belief faith it’s all there!


So if the next few months feel a little off and not what you were expecting take this opportunity to do some more inner work, take notice of the signs around you and let the universe guide you to where you need to be and what you need to see, then soothe the ego and do something about it.


When something happens to you that you see is negative if your first thought is to blame someone else then that is the sign of an imbalanced ego and you are likely to be bringing the old 3d energy and the old cycle back in. If your first thought is ok what is the lesson for me here, then you are on your ascension path, conscious living is what will make the difference.


I have been watching a lot of people who are firmly in ego become angrier and angrier, more controlling, more desperate to be right & better than, if this is you take some time and adjust your attitude, try and see what you may be being shown about yourself or you will be forced to over the next few months.


Don’t forget we have the karmic whip coming in later today, are you going to grab this opportunity no matter how harsh the truths or are you going to stick your head in the sand.


For me if you are willing to stand still and say ok, I am willing to take responsibility for everything I have created in my life so far, I am willing to look at those less than pleasant sides to me…..well you are a hero in my eyes. I don’t care what you have or have not done, the fact that you are willing to be open to this is a miracle in itself, so go you!


So face those fears, look into your shadow side and learn some patience. Live consciously and manifest with ease the life of your dreams…that’s 2017 in a nutshell.


Love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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