January 1st 2017 Energy Forecast

January 1st 2017 Energy Forecast


Good Morning and Happy New Year to you! Today is the first day of the rest of your life, so make it fully conscious. Make each choice consciously, be present so that you can see the choices to be made and so that you can enjoy each moment at its fullest expression.


I just heard a dove coo down my chimney, it made me smile but also brought with it so many wonderful moments, memories, that come enhance the moment and then are gone.


There is something very different about the energy today and I can’t quite put my finger on it, or it may be something different in my senses. It feels multi-layered in a way that I have not experienced before, oh I think it may be one of the effects of the light work I did a few days ago, oh this is exciting.


Anyway I digress, so today is a mixed bag of energy on a human level, this is a day that means more on the human energy level than the universal and it shouldn’t be underestimated. So you have faith, hope, new beginnings, joy, peace but then by equal measure you also have fear disappointment, and a lot of people feeling unwell, which brings an element of depression and pointlessness.


Be aware of this and your own expectations, just flow with the day and enjoy each moment for what it is, not what it could be or should be, life doesn’t work like that, it is what it is and in my experience that is usually pretty cool.


I have learned that life is funny, simple, fun, enriching and so amazingly rewarding, I have a smile on my face nearly all the time as I don’t expect anything so am always pleasantly surprised. I talk to everyone I meet and that is so rewarding, I cannot describe to you how awesome I find life, it is a genuine consistent and deep joy and I want you to discover this in 2017


I want you to understand that EVERYTHING I do or feel you can too! EVERYTHING !


You can :



Be an Empath

Have Vision

Channel the collective consciousness

Move energy

Create energy structures in different dimensions

Astral travel


Hang out with the stars

And just generally know stuff and have really weird but awesome experiences


You can do this too , meditation and some good processing and you are good to go!.


Enjoy this day, stay present that is your challenge and let me know how you get on.


Lots of love and laughter and welcome to the 5th dimension Michele xxxxxx


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