December 28th 2016 Energy Forecast

December 28th 2016 Energy Forecast


Good Morning so we have a gently drop in the intensity of the energy, the calm before the storm so to speak. Use this day to have some quiet reflective time, what are you letting go and what do you want to create in 2017.


This will bring up all sorts of emotions in you and this is ok. Look at them feel them thank them and then let them go, if forgiveness is required sit with it until you can forgive from the heart.


Words although energetically imbued symbols are not as powerful as feelings, it is never enough tio just say something, you need to feel it in your heart. The you know you have made the connection that this is real, otherwise you are wasting your breath.


As you continue growing and ascending you will find that you pay less and less attention to what people and saying and more to their energy. It is strange as my hearing has definitely taken a lesser role over the last few years unless I am in nature and then I can hear everything. At home if the radio is on low I cannot hear anyone speaking to me. Down the beach I can hear gulls, a distant boat, rocks falling from the cliffs, all over the roar of the sea, sometimes I feel like I have tuned out of what doesn’t matter.


It’s time to feel again, not as a reaction to someone else but just within you, to really feel the moment. My emotions do not control me and some people perceive this as unfeeling, as they are not able to push my buttons and trigger me however I feel at a depth and width that leaves me stunned. Take today to really feel your way in your life.

Spend as much time as you can alone and in nature today and just feel everything. What does it feel like in this moment, to be alive, what does it feel like when you watch your children or your dogs playing, what does it feel like breathing in the cold crisp air in the sunshine, what does every moment feel like?


Get to know your feelings and how deep some of these run, how stable consistent and truly joyful they are. Capture that feeling and when you set your intentions for 2017 create your life built on these emotions.


Take this time today as it will be the last day of still energy this year, then it’s time to get working. Tomorrow we have a new moon , then two more pillars of light, the karmic whip and then the new year.


It is time to look under the carpet under the bed and behind the wardrobe, quite literally. I often find that if I need to do some internal housekeeping then some actual physical cleaning really helps, mirror action amplifies.


So spend today reflecting and feeling for tomorrow it is time to assess all the amazing things you are thankful, letting go to clear the space for 2017 Intentions. Give thanks for the beauty of your life past, now and in times to come, it all exists in this single moment.


Honesty Truth and Integrity are going to be your sidekicks for the next week, use them wisely .


Have a wonderfully calm and beautiful day.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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