December 27th 2016 Energy Forecast

December 27th 2016 Energy Forecast


Good Morning and I hope you are well, although the intense energy that we have coming in with the two light pillars, yesterday and on 30/31st, can affect you on all levels.


So if you imagine a glass tube encrusted with dirt, as a sound frequency passes through the tub, the vibrations of the sound makes the encrusted mud shatter and fall off.


This is what happens when high frequency light passes through us, so the memories that are coming up for you right now are just fragments of dirt making their way to the surface.


Don’t hook into the drama of it, which is a distraction of the ego, just observe and let it go.


For many of you big cycles ended on the 21st yet a new one has yet to begin, you are in an ante room, waiting and it is during this time that you can ensure that all of the past cycle has been well and truly released. You have until 31st, when the new cycle comes in for you.


Take this time to bring the last cycle fully into your conscious awareness, release it consciously and set your intentions for the next cycle. If you have any questions or concerns about this then please get in touch.


It is time to get real though, we have a big karmic cycle breaking over the next few days and it is increasing in intensity. So open your eyes and look, what are you being shown? Are so many things going wrong for you and has 2016 been awful?  Then it appears you may not have been learning the lessons. Did you adopt the attitude that it has been unlucky or you have been surrounded by the wrong people, when really you were being asked to look at yourself and to look within?


You are not going through a rough spell, you are learning, so don’t waste the opportunity nor turn the other way as you are just ensuring that more struggles are coming your way until you stop look and apply the lesson to yourself.


You have to be tough with yourself as the ego will say nothing to see here I am fabulous it’s everyone else and I am such an angel to put up with it all.


The fact is if your life isn’t flowing, abundant and expanding, then you have work to do. If you awareness and understanding of the world has not dramatically increased this year then you have work to do.


If you are not ending the year in a very different place to the start, filled with more peace joy love and compassion the you have work to do.


Year on year, month on month my awareness and wisdom expands, I understand the world in ways that would have been way beyond my comprehension at the beginning of the year and some of the things I have learned had me in stunned shock for days until it slowly integrated becoming part of me. All my mystic skills have been super-boosted and I can heal and see in ways that I could never have hoped for.


Has the same happened to you? If not why not?  This is a journey but are you standing still?


I often get people tell me that I am special, I have pondered this a lot as my response and my belief is that there is nothing special about me however there is one thing that maybe makes me a little different and that is my commitment determination and the hard-work I put into processing and clearing my inner channel. That was my focus, not my psychic abilities or my outfits, not the lingo or the kudos, I rolled up my sleeves and started and did not stop until my light was shining brightly and I continue today, cleaning my lighthouse so I can send out the light.


So maybe you should give yourself that gift for 2017 to work on you, not the esoteric but you! It may mean a year of solid enquiry and it will be tough but by the end of the year you will be well on your way and you will have created the life you dream of.


Or you can do what you have always done, surround yourself with those who look the part, send love and light to all without really meaning it….you have the capacity to shine your light like a lighthouse yet you turn the other way, get someone to cleanse your aura and shine your light with the luminosity of a match.


I am sorry to say but this is total BS So it is time to look at what is keeping you small, why you have not grown and changed your word…..the answer is simple because you didn’t want to!

Either you don’t know how, it is confusing or you are not prepared to do the work or you don’t want to invest in yourself. Even if that investment would change your life and bring you abundance.


So stop and evaluate yourself and your life ready for the new year, what are you going to change what are you keeping the same and how different would you like to feel at the end of 2017 or do you really want to bring back the old cycle and keep doing what you have always done and keep getting the results you have always got.


The choice is yours…..remember that when you are struggling or opportunities pass you by, you always have a choice.


So make it a conscious one….what are you going to change for 2017


Love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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