Be Aware of your intentions.

Be Aware of your intentions.

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When living consciously checking your intentions is part of your daily routine. Understanding your own intentions can save you a lot of confusion and upset, as when our true intentions are hidden from us we get results and reactions we do not understand. The energy of the unconscious intention is creating the outcome.


It just takes a moment to pause and ask yourself that question, why am I saying or doing this, posting or commenting on this. Amazingly you will find that much of the time our unconscious intention is to be right or to be in control, to be better than or to live up to an idealised version of ourself or just to prove a point.


You may at this point think, no that isn’t me but before you deny it just ask the question and wait for the answer.


If you feel this is your intention, you don’t need to beat yourself up about it, it is a good thing that you have brought it into your conscious awareness and now you can choose whether to act on it or not.


Having those feelings of being right or needing control are conditions of living in a duality, a paradigm we are moving out of, so it is natural for us all to have them, however we no longer need to have them and that is why conscious living is so important as it allows us to bring these cycles and habits into our awareness and break them.


Being right is a matter of perspective, your perspective and truths may be different to mine but neither are less valid, both can exist, so what does being right even mean? It just creates conflict and opposing sides.


When you come to any interaction with the need to be right or any of the above, then you will get a reaction also steeped in the need to be right energy and kaboom.


When you come with supportive or compassionate energy this is what you are creating. So even if their initial reaction to you is harsh, their eventual response isn’t as they feel your intent. Also when you are coming from your heart their reaction doesn’t trigger one in you.




Ask your heart and be prepared to accept the answer, then forgive yourself and let it go, it doesn’t matter.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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