December 26th 2016 Energy Forecast

December 26th 2016 Energy Forecast


Good Morning I hope you all had a lovely day yesterday, today we are experiencing a high influx of light which could affect you in different ways. Some of you may feel achy, stiff joints and mild flu like symptoms or you may be feeling a bit giddy as though you have drunk too much coffee.


It is also going to bring up memories and issues from the past, maybe they are ones that you don’t want to look at, as you feel shameful of your actions or maybe it feels too painful. Yet they are coming up so that you can forgive and release. It is important to consciously let go and break the cycle. You no longer need to be punished or suffer it is time to forgive and let it all go.


Feelings of revenge and retribution may come up for you too however once again this is just so that you can see you have not forgiven or released those issue so time to consciously let them go.


This light is of a high frequency and it will shake up the energy of you, allow it to do this, as it will let you see so much more of what you hide from yourself. We need to look, with compassion and forgiveness but we need to look!


You know what you need to do, you really know, especially since the 21st you know so much more that you ever realised but with this knowing comes responsibility and maybe that is what you are running from?


I feel a lot of fear and imbalanced egos asking why everything can’t just go back to the way it was, I was happy in my ignorance, it wasn’t so bad. Change and growth are scary but you can handle this. It doesn’t matter if you are no longer the expert, this is the difficulty of so many in the spiritual community, they are not consciously walking their path and therefore not making the progress they think they are so when they do awaken and strip it back, they feel like they have to go back to the start and that is tough, they fear ridicule and judgement from others in the community as it is very hierarchical. So many turn away from their true conscious path and stay stuck in their box.  This is a shame and shouldn’t be that way.


We should celebrate all that awaken and choose to consciously walk their path, no matter their background.


We should cheer every person who sees behind the illusions and projections of the ego, no matter their previous viewpoint or attitude and we must never think we are better than those who have yet to awaken or who are making the same mistakes we did when we were starting.


Anyway it really doesn’t matter who awakens and when, which is why this is all such nonsense and conditions of the duality we are leaving.


Being consciously aware means that you can recognise these things and step away from them, we are unplugging from the old paradigm; it is your choice if you want to plug back in.


Have a wonderful day, get outside and gaze at the sun for a while, be open to the new energy streaming in, it will do wonders for you, but ensure that you ground ground ground today.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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