The Winter Solstice – What’s it all about?

The Winter Solstice – What’s it all about?


December 21st 2016 Is an important time for many reasons. It is the winter solstice, The finale of the Year of endings, The Ending of the cycle of Truth and the Karmic whip that comes in with it, The Second Major Gateway in the Unity Paradigm & Mercury is in Retrograde in Capricorn


The Winter Solstice is our shortest day and our longest night, whereas the Summer Solstice is a time when the sun is at its highest expression and we draw on that energy to create, the Winter Solstice is a time to honour the Moon, drawing on that reflective energy to see what was previously unseen, in all areas of your life.


Like the moon you also have a dark side and this is the perfect time to make a commitment to working on your shadow side; all the energies are supporting you in this.


Also at this time we have Mercury in Retrograde in Capricorn, which is about emotional release of cycles from the past. In particular the last cycle which began in 2008.


We also have the continuation of big karmic cycles coming into our life for balance and release. 2016 was a year of endings and this is drawing to a close.


All of these things together are packing a pretty powerful punch and giving us some amazing opportunities for personal growth.


So this Winter Solstice is a gateway on par with the gateways we went through in 2012 and brings that cycle of preparation and transition to an end.


So what does that mean? Imagine the gateway as an actual physical gateway, you are on this side, which is your life up to this point, including past lifetimes.


When we step through this gateway we are moving into a new life, a new vibrational frequency, this is a much lighter faster vibration and we are unable to experience it fully if we are weighed down by dense energy. So before we step through the gateway we are given the opportunity to look back and leave behind anything that no longer serves us, crossing the threshold free from the past.


To get the most out of tomorrow you just need to do a few things, be prepared, you want to make this process as conscious as possible. I have posted exercises to help you over the last few days.


  • Find the Lesson, Forgiveness, Gratitude & Release Look at all the cycles you want to release from your life, find the lesson, forgive and have gratitude for all and then release them, if you have written this on paper you can burn it. I highly suggest you write lists as the physical action of taking something emotional and mental (5D) and intangible and making it 3D and tangible are all part of the alchemic process and packs a punch.
  • Consciously ALLOW & INVITE the new cycles to begin. Now this can trigger fear within you, so be aware of this and process it. Most often we block our own success & happiness due to our own unconscious fear, fear of change, not being good enough, not having trust. So it is important to make this ALLOWING conscious, otherwise we could be unconsciously blocking it. The ego is well up for this as well, as he does like to maintain the status quo.
  • Make a commitment to working on yourself and in particular your shadow side, this is the perfect opportunity and what this gateway is about. Every time you bring the opposite parts of you into the light for balance, your vibrations rise, you become a clearer channel and bring in more light. You cannot do this and deny your dark side and you will not ascend into unity until you do!


The Winter Solstice is a time to honour the dark, to look deep within and follow our intuition and heart. To see behind the shadows and to shine light into the dark recesses of ourselves, bringing everything into plain sight, so we can honour that part of ourselves too, without darkness there is no light. When we truly appreciate that, we can embrace that other half of us bringing both sides into balance and transcend duality.


So in 2008 the big cycle of truth began, the world began to awaken at an extraordinary rate, as faith was rapidly eroded in those who had power, remember the banking collapse, Politician expenses, Media phone tapping? This has picked up momentum to present day 9 years later and now this cycle is coming to an end and now it is time to be accountable, to pay the piper! Nobody up to this moment has really been accountable for any of the big truths that came out and this reached its apex with Donald Trump but that is all about to change.


Remember what applies on the world stage also applies to your world and also to you, these energy shifts and cycles are affecting us all, there are lessons for us all.


2012 we welcomed in the new paradigm of unity, we have been in a transition period since and will continue transitioning for a decade or so to come. However during this period we will go through many gateways, each time we get the opportunity to leave more baggage & conditioning behind, so moving through the gateway into a higher vibrational frequency and each time we experience more of the 5th and 6th dimensions until eventually our vibrational signature matches that of the Unity paradigm and we then experience Unity fully.


SO we are being given the opportunity to consciously release old cycles, to look at our shadow side and do the work and make a commitment to consciously walk our path.


In return we get to feel balanced peaceful and loving, our minds are clear as we live in our hearts and we live a life of joyful abundance. Make that your goal for 2017 because if you make that commitment and you follow it through with action you will succeed, you have the Universe on your side and everything is ready and waiting, all we need is YOU .


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxx


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