December 20th 2016 Energy Forecast

December 20th 2016 Energy Forecast

21st DecemberSolstice Sunrise Beach Meditation.png

Good Morning and I hope you slept well, so mercury has gone retrograde and this is how we will end the year, perfect way to end the year of endings, Perfect for the gateway tomorrow on the winter solstice. The energy mercury brings will dig deep into the emotional attachments of the past and bring them to you for a closer look and look you must, there is work to do.


Mercury also rules communication and it is time that you spoke your truth however when this comes from love it is balanced but sometimes it can come from ego and the intent is rather different and this my friends will blow up in your face. You have to be responsible for what you put out there!


It really is time to let it all go, you have a responsibility to yourself and the world to clean house!


Tomorrow is a big day but New year not so much, although it is a great symbolic day of new starts and you have the worlds population focused on one day so that brings a huge concentration of energy however the new year that is really going to rock the world is End of March 2017.


So we have a big gateway to go through tomorrow but then we still have time to look deeper to end and release those cycles, to let go of all the hurt injustice and loss of the past. However release as much as you can tomorrow.


I love the solstices, my birthday this year was on the summer solstice and it was a truly magical day, life changed in the most amazing ways after and I am so excited about what tomorrow will bring as I consciously walk through that gateway, free from the cycles of the past. Are you going to join me? Are you going to take this amazing opportunity and bring in a new way? It’s all there in front of you waiting but you have to walk towards it!


So tomorrow is my Christmas and new year all rolled into one and I am lucky to be able to spend it with friends in meditation contemplation and eating, lots of eating and letting it all go!


Have a wonderful day, love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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