December 19th 2016 Energy Forecast

December 19th 2016 Energy Forecast


Good Morning, I hope you had a lovely weekend, so how have you been getting on reflecting and releasing, having forgiveness and gratitude for cycles, people and events past? This is going to be stepping up a gear in a few days and for some it may feel as though the past is in their face. Remember what is going on here and the reason for it, and then take a look.


For me this year in particular it has all been about the Solstices and the Equinoxes and next year will be the same. The 21st December 2016 is a pivotal gateway, helping us to release and the 20th March 2017 signals the end of your life cycle so far and the creation of one that will take you far into the future. This is why we need to make the space and consciously create.


If you are sitting around waiting for something to happen, or you think that someone might do it for, or if maybe you don’t think you need to do anything, maybe you believe anger disappointment and frustration are the natural conditions of being human then it is time to think again.


You do not need to live with conflict, you no longer need to suffer, you don’t have to live on the pendulum swing of good times and bad, you don’t have to have bad days, you don’t need to work so hard it is out of balance, you don’t need to struggle; you don’t need to experience lack!


Get your head around these concepts, as they are beliefs that you are most likely going to bring into the new cycle if you don’t look at them consciously and let them go!


I know it is tough to take action, to do something; it’s why so few meditate regularly as it is hard to find the time right? Well if you meditate daily then you will soon find that you have a different relationship with time and can use it to your advantage. So often we turn away from things that will enrich and ease our lives as the initial effort seems too much for the payoff.


It’s time to look at this in you and shake it up a bit; otherwise you really are missing so much. A little bit of effort  and commitment could change your lives  but you need to adjust your perspective form external to internal, rather than looking for someone else to fix you, you are more than capable of fixing yourself, then it will be permanent.


I have worked with people that would pay me a lot of money to clear their energetic field, do all their energy maintenance for them, they felt fabulous but it never lasted so back they would come each month. I tried to get them to learn it for themselves, to take my course, saving them time and money but they didn’t want to know, they were perfectly happy getting me to do it for them once a month.


Is this you? Think about it? Do you out more stores in the skills of others than learning to do it yourself and for yourself. Learning skills so that you can apply it to others is not the same as learning for yourself. If you are interested in being a healer or a coach you need to apply it to yourself and live it before you can teach it or share it. This should be your focus and your motivation, doing it for yourself first.


So take a good look at your life and see how much you create and how much you just seem to roll with.


The other thing to look at is the difference between being in the flow and saying you are in the flow to avoid responsibility, many people confuse the two.


Now is not the time to stick your head in the sand, now is the time to really look within, there are some amazing opportunities coming, don’t you want to be ready?


Love and laughter Michele xxxxx






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