December 18th 2016 Energy Forecast

December 18th 2016 Energy Forecast


Good Morning and I hope you slept well; this may have shifted for some as we are out of the full moon energy and this can allow people to settle once more.


So we only have a few more days before the winter solstice and the gateway into 2012, are you ready to leave it all behind? Oh I have just seen the 2012 slip, however I am going to leave it, I have been writing 2012 instead of 2016 a lot in the last month, In 2012 I did 3 of the biggest gateway meditations I have done and here we go again. This is telling me that this gateway on Wednesday is as big as the gateways in December 2012 and that would be an absolutely amazing opportunity.


However like all opportunities you have to see them and seize them, you have to actively participate, you have to do something. The choice is yours! However if you choose to sit this one out and just give a mental nod to the day, remember this and stand by this choice, so if nothing changes for you in 2017, if it is more of the same ever repeating circles, remember that you chose this and then suck it up!


Everything is changing in 2017 and I will write an energy forecast about that at some later date, don’t you want to be in the best position you could possibly be in to totally immerse yourself in the opportunity and abundance it has to offer.


Which brings me back to the karmic whip at the end of the year, this process is going to begin on Wednesday, it is brought in by the energy of truth and balance, and there is a strong air of accountability. There is no more room under the carpet for all the bull to be swept. You know the emperor’s new clothes analogy I have been banging on about all year, well the emperor is about to be called on his butt nakedness and also his ego’s gullibility.


A lot of ego’s were triggered this full moon and many people got a little carried away and are going to be feeling the effects this week and I feel that a lot of embarrassment and shame is coming up, however forgive forgive forgive, yourself and those around you, an imbalanced ego is like a small child, be kind. I am always getting someone’s ego reacting to me and trying to put me in my place, but like a petulant child, you ignore the bad behaviour and have compassion, you cannot however talk with someone in ego as they will not hear, you have to leave them till they calm themselves down and get off their high horse so to speak.


The energy today is basically whatever you need it to be, we have such a mixed bag coming in, it may seem like nothing much after the energy of the full moon but there is a lot going on, on all levels.


Truth honesty and integrity are working their magic, so however you are feeling do not push it down, let it express itself to you as there is a very important message for you right now and you don’t have the time to ignore it.


So Wednesday and the last week of the year are important, be present, be conscious as we all have some choices to make and if we don’t do it consciously then we will do it unconsciously, whichever way it is your choice and one you will be standing by next year!


So my beautiful friends I am here if you need me but I may not be around so much, I have a lot to do on a global level and of course in my own life to ensure I receive the maximum potential of 2017.  I am always here for those that want to help themselves, always but for those that don’t I am getting off that particular merry-go-round, there is no time for that in 2017, this is a year of unity and miracles but as the old saying goes, You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink!


So lovely people get yourself in position the next couple of weeks are going to be pivotal.


Always here if you need advice or help to move forward, you are not alone…unless of course you are having a pity party, then yup that may be a party of one.


Love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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