December 16th Energy Forecast

December 16th Energy Forecast


Good Morning I hope you all slept well, busy times ahead, pop over and try the holiday bundle, it will help I promise.


So the energy this morning feels nurturing & soothing, gentle and guiding, it is fabulous energy to flow with.


You don’t need to go to extremes and you don’t need to prove a point or get anyone to understand where you are coming from, none of it matters in the long run after all. All that matters are the connections with have with others. Those beautiful times when just being in each other’s company is bliss, is enough. Words so often ruin a moment as what we share goes beyond words


Enjoy this time with your children and your grandparents and parents, listen, share and just be with each other.  Bring your mind back to why you are doing this, to be with each other, so when you are making your hundredth sausage roll, remember you are doing this for love, so prepare everything with love. It may just be another chore on your ever growing list but when it feels like this just remember why you are doing it, for your loved ones, so they can enjoy themselves, so you can be with them sharing that moment.


So immerse yourself in love at this time and enjoy this lovely nurturing soothing energy, it’s time to be love.


Have a wonderful day, love and laughter Michele xxxx


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