15th December 2016 Energy Forecast

15th December 2016 Energy Forecast

Your Thoughts.png


What inspires you motivates you and makes you say yes?


What is your passion, your purpose and your drive?


What is it that makes you love every single moment of your life? Are you living each moment?


Who are you and what are you doing are definitely the themes for the next few weeks, opportunity is around the corner and you want to be ready. So ask yourself what do I want, what do I really want because in truth whatever you want you can achieve. Making your desires conscious makes the manifestation process much quicker.


Be aware though that the thought of your dreams coming true can make you fall into fear, there are no excuses then, we often live a half- life built on if only’s or I would if I could but I can’t and believe it or not that can make us feel safe. However if I said to you, what would you do if I could guarantee that wouldn’t fail? Think about it and then do that. Faith and thoughts, determine your reality!


Do you believe the energy of creation is strong? Do you believe you have the ability to create your own life? Do you believe in your own power and do you have the strength to believe?


We can’t keep going round in circles, same drama different day, swinging from highs to lows, never quite turning that corner! The universe is screaming out to us, to stop and see what is really going on and work with it to create peace with ourselves and heaven on earth, yet the hand of help is there but we turn away lamenting how tough our lives are and if only…….


So ask yourself, why am I standing in the way of my dreams? Why am I afraid to succeed? Then ask if you are serious about doing something about it, do you really want to live a different way? The do something about it, this is your life live it!


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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