Processing 2016, to be free and light ready for 2017

Processing 2016, to be free and light ready for 2017 PART ONE


On the 21st December 2016 we have the opportunity to release our past annual cycle, taking nothing with us but the lessons learned and shifts experienced. It is of course an opportunity to release so many cycles but we are just going to focus on the past year.

Take a sheet of paper and write down all the things that happened in 2016, the good & bad, the big & small. To help you get as much out as possible  it is easier to divide this into subsections labelled;


Mental & Emotional wellbeing

Family & Friends

Money & Work

Spiritual development

Home & Outer World

Or you may prefer to divide it into states of being





Physical Environment

Whatever works for you, as the key is to remember as much about the year as possible.

It may take you a couple of days but just write down everything that has happened in the last year. Big things like job changes or sudden revelations about your relationship or purpose to the smaller things like feeling more or less contented. Write down the things that were issues for you and those that impacted you negatively as well.

Dig deep and write a journal of your past year, the good the bad and the ugly.

When you feel this is complete, go back through it and pick out all the things you are grateful for. All those things you saw as a blessing, the people the places the situations & events.

Sit with them and remember them, feel that moment that energy once again and feel your heart expand. Remember the lessons they taught you, how you saw the world and yourself differently after this moment or how your life changed in that instant. Give thanks and gratitude for everything you gained, have gratitude for yourself too, for being in that moment, for allowing the change and the growth, be proud of yourself.

Then take a deep breath and let it go, visualise it floating away. What you have learned and the gratitude and love you have for that moment stays with you always, that vehicle that got it there is no longer needed so needs to be released, as your energy field does not need to be a junkyard.

Second part of the processing exercise to follow

Have fun, you will surprised once you start how much has actually happened this year, on all levels

Love and laughter Michele xxxx


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