Processing 2016, to be free and light ready for 2017 PART TWO

Processing 2016, to be free and light ready for 2017 PART TWO


Now return to your list, to those other moments that were not so pleasant, not so easy to feel gratitude for. You may feel they were outside your control and done to you and you may be feeling some residual anger or anxiety, this is your baggage and this is where we need to focus.


You need to release every item on your list and you can only do that with forgiveness and gratitude. So take each item in turn and sit with, feel the emotional energy that you felt at the time and the energy that has built up since then. Allow yourself to feel what you feel, without judgement or enquiry; it’s ok to feel what you feel. Sit with it until it begins to settle, then, look for the lesson, the reason why. This is not about someone else’s motives or intention or anything happening to you, this is about what purpose did this serve you, there is always a reason!


You may have lost your job which was shattering at the time but it meant that you were then in the right place at the right time to get offered the job of your dreams. You may see that you had an opportunity but you missed it as you were caught up in a negative head space, once you see and recognise it the lesson is then learnt, even if it is months down the line, that really doesn’t matter. Sometimes the act of missing the lesson in the first instance is the lesson itself, so we should never beat ourselves up for what we fail to see at the time, everything is a learning opportunity and that is something to be grateful for.


The issues that most people hold onto are related to other people, when we are hurt or betrayed it runs deep and hooks into so many deep seated issues, this weighs us down and just attracts more of the same.


Forgiveness is the most amazing and powerful energy, it clears your baggage quicker than love even. It is a love based energy but like the gentle warrior of love, it gets right in there, where you are at your most raw and vulnerable and makes everything ok.


When you forgive someone you heal yourself and you let them go too. When you don’t forgive someone you keep them tied to you, do you really want that?


Not only should be forgive but we should also have gratitude for those that come into our lives and teach us these harsh lessons, this isn’t about them this about what we are being taught. We need to be grateful that they gave us this opportunity that they agreed to show up for us in this lifetime and be that person for us, so that we could grow.


We also need to forgive ourselves, for our failings, errors in judgement and sometimes just mean behaviour, if we absorb the lessons then the job is complete, the bad behaviour on our part was not without value. If we don’t have these moments of reflection and contemplation then we are destined to keep repeating the behaviour until the lessons are learned.



Anything that makes us grow, helps us to see our true inner strength and beauty, that widens our viewpoint and increases our empathy is worthy of our gratitude & love.


That is pretty much every experience we have, good or bad and once you see that and really feel it, then you can release it back to source energy with love and gratitude.


The lessons and the energy that transformed us stay with us, everything else has to go.


Once you have worked through the rest of your list and you are in a place of forgiveness and gratitude, it is time to release.

So take a deep breath and let it go, visualise it floating away. What you have learned and the gratitude and love you have for that moment stays with you always, that vehicle that got it there is no longer needed so needs to be released, as your energy field does not need to be a junkyard.


So get to work my friends so that you can let it all go in one big super release on the 21st.


Love and laughter Michele xxxx


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