December 14th 2016 Energy

December 14th 2016 Energy


Good morning, I hope you are well, the energy is ….oh how funny I  have the tune to let it snow loudly in my head with the lyrics, the energies quite delightful , there’s really no need be spiteful, there’s only one way to go, let it go let it go let it go!


Let it all go people, every dent to the ego, every knock, every dig and accusation. You don’t need to be right, defend yourself or attack. You don’t need to protect anything or feel you need to get your point across, none of it really matters it is all ego stuff anyway.


So the universal energies are here to support us with balancing the ego and consciously walking our inner path, this is all about us and that is what we need to bring it back to every time. Those we have disagreements with or react to, they are just delivering a message, it is always about us, what is our reaction saying about our own inner turmoil.


However the energies that are here to support are also freaking the ego out, when out of balance, so people are over sensitive, feeling attacked or vulnerable, that they want to run away and hide. Some will absolutely refuse to look at themselves and this can make people act like a frightened animal and attack so remember this, you do not need to be right, you do not need to attend every argument you are invited to and it is pointless trying to have a reasonable conversation with someone in ego, as they will fight you to the death to be right. Just be aware of this and don’t get into it in the first place. People will see what they need to see, when in ego and there is nothing you can do about that. So send love and keep walking.


Whenever we are facing deep truths within this can make us short tempered and fragile be aware of this in yourself. If you find yourself over-reacting, then stop, be kind to yourself and recognise a truth is making its way to the surface and you need to give yourself time. You will know when your ego needs some attention as it will be pushing you attention and focus outward, you will be doing , doing doing, your focus will be to help others rather than helping yourself.


This is what the next week is all about, your own inner enquiry, getting yourself ready to release as many cycles as you can next week. This is about you being as light as a feather, no feelings of duty or obligation, unworthiness or fear, better or less than. This is about YOU , you stepping into your power and being you, experiencing being you.


This time in your life is like the aeroplane oxygen mask analogy, it is more important that you sort your own oxygen out first so then you can help others, if you help others first then you will most likely be gone before you can put your own mask on.


Think about that for a moment, how much time are you spending on your and how much on trying to fix or help others? I am sure that you have a beautiful heart and have spent your life helping but now is the time , for the next week at least that you focus your energy on yourself. Then once through this gateway you can be a beacon for others but only once you are focused on self -care and self -enquiry.


These are amazing times don’t miss them as you were looking the other way.


The energies are deep strong and insightful.


I love how the weather and nature always reflects the energy around, this morning we have thick



I posted some exercises to help you release your cycles, I use these all the time with fabulous results , so I know you are busy but give them a go, you will be pleased you did. I always end them with a fire pit which is always fabulous.


Have a great day


Love and laughter Michele xxxx


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