December 11th 2016 Energy Forecast

December 11th 2016 Energy Forecast


Good Morning I hope you slept well, so as your life continues to flash before your eyes, how are you feeling? So much Is being brought into your awareness for reconciliation, release and balance it can be tough and very emotional. Regret, loss & shame are tough low vibrational states and it would easy for you to get dragged down into despair. This however is not necessary, this is not you, it is a fragment of your past that made you who you are today, it has served its purpose and can return to source energy, thank it and release it. If you want to hold it close then look at your ego, you are creating drama which is fruitless and unnecessary.


It really is time to strip everything back to its simplest form, to leave the drama and the roles behind, we no longer need to play lets pretend, we are creating something real, something solid and grounded, we are building our future and this starts at its simplest and most pure form…..with basic heart energy.


So what techniques do you use to process your attachments conditioning & blocks? I know I ask this again and again but the truth is simple, positive affirmations alone wont work until you release the blocks that stop you from achieving or allowing success and abundance. It is not that you are doing it wrong it is just that you are not a clear conduit for the light so things get a little screwy.


When you are in flow abundance comes easily, you don’t need to struggle to work yourself into the ground, it does not have to be hard. However to get that point you do need to work hard and have a commitment ….to yourself! We focus and pour our energy into the wrong things and then are disappointed and despondent when nothing changes! Is this you?


So who are you? It is time to stand up and be accountable, the Universe wants to hear your story, not the content but the structure. What are you left with after all the drama and emotion?


The energy as shifted once again and this is one of purpose, determination, honesty and judgement but judgement in the way of the tarot, everyone is being called to a more meaning way of life to stand in your own power, to own your truths. This afternoon we will be having a stream of calming soothing energy coming in, but this is not a molly coddling energy, this is a I will sit with you and hold your hand whilst you realise the magnitude of your actions, everything will be ok but you need to see it through to its natural conclusion.


You do not need to become a saint by the end of the year but you do need to get your head out of the sand, step back and really see what is going on with you.


Sometimes this is easier for those that do not deem themselves Spiritual, as it is tough when you have been in this community for many years only to discover that you have work to do on yourself. You may feel like a failure or a fraud or you can’t admit that you have some darkness within to balance, others may point and say see they are not as spiritual as they thought but remember this is all ego, and the view point of those in duality.


It takes courage and grace, integrity and strength to be able to see this in you, face it and then do something about it.


So as we end the year, it matters not how long you have been on this journey, all that matters is the truth.


Have a wonderful, illuminating and truthful day


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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