December 10th 2016 Energy Forecast

December 10th 2016 Energy Forecast


Good Morning, did you have a deep sleep with some important dreams? Can you feel it but can’t quite remember it but you feel like something important went down? Well it did and it does, we are being sent messages in our dreams to help us get on the right track, or to see what we previously couldn’t.


Our relative’s friends and ancestors in spirit are here helping us with this, communicating, nudging, guiding. It takes a strong will to ignore the signs help and support all around or a closed mind.


Nobody wants you to fail, you are never given a test or obstacle so great we can’t get over it but neither can our awareness be handed to us on a plate, we have to discover this for ourselves, otherwise it isn’t awareness it is just knowledge.


The secrets to the universe are locked within, sealed under layers and layers of crap, your mission in life is to reveal the secrets within and the only way we can even begin to do this is to first become aware that there are secrets, then we become aware they are within us, if we keep looking and keep expanding our awareness we can eventually see a path forward. Like seeing a maize first from ground level and then from the air.


When you read my reports it is important for you to feel them, do they sit with you well? Do you feel them to be true in your heart? Does this feel right even if you can’t explain why or how? It matters not what I think or feel, my thoughts idea and feelings are not better or more right, they are inconsequential for you, however we may share a common viewpoint and idea or energy and that is fabulous, validating and empowering, it shows our common thread of unity. It matters not that I spoke it first, I don’t have ownership of thoughts of concepts, they are accessible to all in the cloud (the collective consciousness) and besides linear time is an artificial concept that limits our perception. If something I say resonates with you it is because you already know it, on some level and the key is to bring that knowing to the fore.


I feel a big shift of energy coming in tomorrow and it will be time to get real, to face your demons, shadow side, whatever you want to call it but for now get in tune with your life, get in step. You have spirits all around sending you messages and guiding you. Did you smell your grandad’s pipe or soap; did the song on the radio or the one going round your head all day remind you of your mum? Did you feel your son touch your shoulder? They are with us, they are here to support and guide, let them!

Talk to them, ask them questions and then wait for the answers they will come.


It is time to shift your perspective, all of you! The world is not what it seems and we all need to wake up to that. There are wonderful gifts insights and miracles within arm’s reach but you turn away, you don’t believe or trust, you put your head down and get back on the depressing wheel of life, existing but not being. You truly believe there is no other way, you may tell yourself that you are guided by angels but unless you truly believe that from your heart and soul you will not see miracles, you will not experience the beauty ease and flow of life, you have to believe!


I will say once again, I live a truly amazing life; I see & experience breath –taking, inspiring & magical things. I love every single moment………yes I am special amazing and awesome but not in a unique way, I am not made of anything different than you, I have not achieved anything you can’t too, that you weren’t destined to do.


My path is your path and your path is mine and in the big scheme of things this is a path we have both already walked, so for today play catch up. Look around you and see the miracles that are guiding you and supporting you. Never feel alone we are all in this together on both sides of the veil.


Have a wonderful day, lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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