December 12th 2016 Energy Forecast

December 12th 2016 Energy Forecast


Good Morning, I hope you are well, the air is full of memories, distant yet strong. I feel nostalgia, regret, yearning but also happiness and joy. We have to release these memories, forgive all concerned, have gratitude in that person, event or memory and then let it go with love in our hearts.


The alternative is to hold on to it, to beat ourselves up about things we can’t change, we can’t do it again, we can’t get that moment back we have to let it go.


I am also feeling an irritability, a short temperedness brought about by fear, be careful as those in pain are likely to lash out. Just remember none of this is personal, don’t own it.


Truth Integrity and honesty are still coming in strong and will be with us until the end of this year and this is so empowering. I can feel people just stepping forward and speaking their truth with no quaver in their voice, no uncertainty. It is like they are propelled forward and before they know their mouth is opening and out is coming their thought feelings and viewpoint. This has no anger or malice, even if it is a tough subject, there is no bad intention with the truth. The truth is the truth simple as that and as I have been saying all this year….The truth will out and so it is.


Who reading this has found the truth tumbling out their mouth, with no preconception, no agenda, it just seemed there was no other way or choice?


How many of you have been moving away from drama and gossip, in search, even if unconsciously with something of more substance?


This next few weeks is a time for us to reflect on the changes within us this year, there has been a lot trust me, this has been a rather extraordinary year and next year is going to be awesome, so I am going to be putting some articles tips and exercises on over the next couple of weeks, to help you be as ready as you can be for the end of this year!.


Remember the year ends with the whip of the dragon’s tail, your karmic cycles are coming into balance and right now you are having flashes of the past and an urge to be truthful….can you see what is happening?


The Universe is on your side, have faith that it supports you and jostles you into place, trust that I am here to help you. I am flowing with faith and right now I have some signposts to put up for you.


I had a dream from around the age of 6 till I was about 5 years ago, there was a big tidal wave coming and I had to get everyone to higher ground, I stood showing people the way, which was it, I had a big sign and was shouting this way this way.


This I believe is what is happening now! We tread the path that we do for a reason and that reason is not one in isolation nor is it personal. Our paths affect each other; we are all inextricably linked so it can never just be about us.


I have been grounded for the next 3 weeks to be here once again in service, so let me know if there is anything you are struggling with. I will be recording some more meditations and maybe some podcasts to explain in greater detail what is happening. So please if you have a question or a topic you would like explaining then drop me a message, it can be kept anonymous and be sure that you are not the only one that wants to know.


Lots of love and laughter and enjoy your day Michele xxxxx


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