December 7th 2016 Energy Forecast

December 7th 2016 Energy Forecast


Good Morning, so the energy shifted last night and it may have disrupted your sleep a little. The gentle energy has lifted and it is time to once again get serious.


Think of your life and your past like a hoarder’s house, there is so much clutter and to be fair rubbish that you cannot see clearly let alone find a path through it. We hold onto so much stuff we shouldn’t due to sentimentality and attachment , which are nothing but energy blocks.


Yes it is lovely to have reminders of the past but just check these are clear and free and are just that, a pleasant reminder, so many of our possession are imbued with guilt, regret or loss and we just have them hanging around the house. Memories from our hearts never fade.


So there is work to do and it is time to be more direct not only with your own clutter but also with other people. We do not tell others what to do with their lives however we can ask them to be accountable. What I mean by this is calling people on their BS, not to be right but for what is fair and true, be careful with this one though as it is a fine line between exposing the truth and a bully or arrogant, remember to do it from the heart.


The time for fakery is over so who are you really? If BS were suddenly impossible and you could only speak the truth, how would that feel for you? If all materialism and markers of “success & worthiness” disappeared, who would you be? How would that make you feel? How do you think others would see you and what would you have to offer?


It is time to speak up and to stand in your power, when you sit and say nothing you are complicit. There is nothing more important than our freedom and I for one will always stand shoulder to shoulder with my brothers and sisters, no matter what it takes to maintain that freedom…..would you?


You all get some time off on Sunday but until then you are going to be faced with a lot of questions.


So who are you? Take away all the roles and titles and what are you left with ? Who are you?


Ok it seems a simple message for today, answers on a postcard please. I would love to hear your comments, or give me a shout if you feel a little lost.


Have a wonderful day, love and laughter Michele xxxx


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