Is your teacher, guru, high priestess or mentor working for the dark?



The spiritual community is full of darkness, those that still work with the light are beginning to drown under the weight of darkness and they need our help. As do the vulnerable souls that turn to this community for some answers help and direction.


This begins with expanding our awareness, of becoming more discerning about what is really going on! Open your mind to the possibility that this is happening, step back and look with an objective eye and you will see.


If you believe in love and light then you have to also believe in the dark, we cannot have one without the other in a duality.


When you believe in these people, you give them your power and that is the key, you give it to them so you can take it back. Often this is unconscious which is why being consciously aware in each moment is so important.


If you take back your power; then they really are powerless, they need your light, you certainly don’t need their darkness.


We bring back the light to the spiritual community one false idol at a time, withdraw your power and they will disappear.


Some of these “leaders” consciously know they are working with the dark; others do not have this awareness and have been tricked by their spiritual ego. However what they all seek is power & fame, to be seen as special and more important. This is relative, for some this would be on the national or international level and for others a group within their home town is perfect.


Clues that your teacher, guru or high priestess is working for the dark:

  • Most likely have a group of dedicated followers who hang off their every word – often they have a name for their group, so they can feel part of something special.


  • No student will ever surpass the teacher or even get close, ensuring they remain at the top of the pyramid


  • Definite hierarchy within the group, the leader having special skills or attributes


  • You feel great when you are around them but awful when you leave, making you want to spend more time with them and validating your view that they are special.


  • You often feel unwell or under the weather with no real cause. You are made to feel as though you are doing something wrong, whilst at the same time being showered with “care & concern”.


  • You don’t make any real progress on your path and move forward, always repeating the same cycles. You are made to feel this is your fault, something is lacking in you.


  • You often feel unworthy and less than those around you, you feel they are better than you.


  • If they feel someone has wronged them, they stir up their followers to attack this person on their behalf, even if it is just with negative thoughts and words. When this occurs in a group setting it can result in a strong psychic attack on the person in question.


  • Rarely do their get their hands dirty, they are master manipulators often playing the victim or martyr to get their group to carry out their bidding.


  • They don’t practice what they preach, often over weight or unwell themselves. They may drink smoke and eat meat, gossip, judge and react competitively or with jealousy, these are not the actions of an enlightened being.


  • Your life does not get any better. You may feel it is but look objectively, what has changed for the better? These are incredible times and the energies are here to support your progression, if you are truly being guided by the light then you will see big concrete changes in your life, your emotional physical mental and spiritual states of being and your external physical world will be radically different to how it was at the beginning of the year. These differences will be tangible.


  • You feel reliant on their advice, support and approval and the knocks and blocks in your life will assure that you keep returning to them.


  • They will speak badly of others, adopting an attitude that we are better than them. This isn’t always evident but sometimes the mask slips, when this happens, you are alerted on some level to feeling it is a bit off. Don’t ignore your intuition. You are not being silly, YOU KNOW!


  • Often the group experiences an increase in heart attacks and strokes within it, what you put out there energetically comes back to you, those working with the dark can protect themselves from this and divert the return energy away from them and onto those in their group


Step back and reflect on any groups you may be in, your teachers and spiritual advisors are they what they seem? Has your life changed dramatically for the good since meeting them, in real concrete and tangible ways? Do you feel stronger and healthier? Is your life flowing with ease and opportunity? Do you have greater peace of mind and the tools needed to deal with future obstacles?


If not then it may be time to take back your power and let the real light in!


You all have you own direct connection to source universal energy, you don’t need anyone to do it for you.

If you have any concerns about this please get in touch. Let’s bring the light back to the spiritual community so it can be the lighthouse once more.


Love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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