December 1st 2016 Energy Forecast



Good Morning I hope you are well, we have some really strong and thick energies around us at the moment, strength courage and commitment. These are here to help us stop and reassess our lives; it is time to face what is not working and where we are not committed and true. Are you just going through the motions or do you feel passionate about your life?  Find some meaning in everyday moments, in each moment.


The next three weeks are going to be pretty tough if you are not willing to make adjustments or make a commitment to yourself to do better to be better. So many people have fallen into a rut and are unpleasant to each other. The fear and the anger sweeping the planet is making people aggressive and confrontational, over reacting and trying to maintain control. Do not get dragged into this, it is easy to do but you are plugging into the wrong thing, step above the anger and fear and draw on the energies of calm, peace and compassion.


If you find yourself getting angry or reacting to angry people then you need to step to the side and look at what is going on with you.


Everything that is going to happen over the next 3 weeks is a sign for you, that shows you where you need to look a little closer, what is it in you that needs balancing or bringing to the light for reconciliation and balancing.


Please do not deny that you have work to do, remember conditioning is part of the human experience, having a dark and a light side is part of the human condition and if you have not committed yourself to a dedicated processing technique then you have balancing to do.


This is not a criticism but it is a necessary part of what is happening with the world right now, we have to face all our sides and if we refuse to then the universe has something in store for each of us to get us to look. It is for our greater good, we cannot live the illusion any more.


The ending of the year is when we step forward to have our heart weighed. It is light as feather with love and good intentions or is dark with the manipulations lies and deceit or is it something in between?


Your intentions and motives will be seen clear as day by all so start looking for yourself now and do something about it. This is not a matter of who is better more balanced or more worthy, we are all in this together and we all need to dissolve our condition if we are to move into unity.


So the choice is yours are you coming kicking and screaming or are you going to stop and spend some time looking at yourself plainly in the mirror. Scratch beneath the surface and take a good close look at your motives and intentions. When you see and it feels as though you have been kicked in the stomach, don’t run away, take a deep breath and forgive yourself.


Here if you need any clarification, love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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