November 18th 2016 Energy Forecast

face in mirror

Good Morning and in the blink of an eye the weekend is with once more. Ensure that you have a good grounding technique or the speed of time will knock you off your feet. Staying conscious in each moment is the only way to achieve anything, however we are all doing a lot of work in our sleep at the moment. This is different most nights and different for everyone, the one thing that is the same is Change, we are all undergoing great changes, can you feel it?  Do you feel like you are getting prepared for something, or that something is going to be revealed to you that will change everything, maybe there is something you know and it feels like it is on the tip of your tongue?


Life doesn’t happen to you, you create it, so look around at your creation and ask, “Why would I create this, what purpose does it serve?”  Then do something about it.


Rather a thief than a liar – is the phrase in my head right now. This is important for the times we are in. You know where you stand with a thief, they will steal from you but you are both aware of this and there is some honour amongst thieves. A liar on the other hand is a different matter; you can never trust a word. So although a thief’s behaviour is less than white, he is true about who he is, he is honest about his motives….HE IS AWARE. A liar is lying to himself and everyone else; whilst he denies his motives and intentions he is living unconsciously.


Conscious living is what we should all be striving for; it is the only way to walk your path with ease. It’s the only way that you will see the lessons to learn, that you will be the guide or can ever be aware of your part of the whole.


So have you been having flashes of memories, people from the past coming back? Have you been seeing your behaviour in the past as cruel, uncaring or selfish? Have you seen the mistakes you have made when you were living unconsciously? This is coming up for most people as the Karmic Cycle comes to an end.


What lessons have you learned, how has your awareness expanded or had it contracted? Have you made a conscious decision to reconcile the light and dark within or have you just plastered some love and light over the top? Have you ignored the inner call to take responsibility, forgive, release and move on or have you stubbornly kept repeating the same drama and upset over and over again as you refuse to take responsibility, pointing the finger instead?


Have you and your life changed immeasurably this year? I don’t mean a new relationship or job, I mean deep inner shifts, a widening of your perspective and has your outer world changed in response?


It is very important that you all take some time alone to really reflect on your past, what were your lessons, did you learn them? Look back at past drama and ask where your responsibility in this is?


It is your intention that is important not necessarily the outcome. Be honest with yourself as Karma is a great leveller and it will rip the blindfold from your eyes.


All the energies available to you right now are here to support you on this stage of your journey. Time to pull back the curtain and look at your motives and intentions, to reveal your lies and justifications; it is time to bring yourself back into alignment with your path.


You may feel a little overwhelmed by this as some have spun a huge web of lies and deceit, they have a habit of getting a bit out of control, but you can do this, just take it one trigger at a time and follow where it leads, you will discover a little seed of fear deep within, bring it to the surface for forgiveness gratitude and release.


Also remember to focus on your own journey, some will look at the darkness within and decide that they really don’t want to look, that is their choice and possibly their destiny to respect their wishes, and it is not for you to change this. Lead by example that is all we can do and it is judgmental to do anything else.


So face your inner fears and demons as they direct so much of your life and it is the road to freedom.


Love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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