November 17th 2016 Energy


Good morning and I hope you slept well, over the weekend and into next week everything is going to speed up and there is going to be a major karmic shift , at this stage there is not much that can be done except be aware of what is going on and ride that wave. This will then be followed by another at the end of the year and that will be a big one, so learn what you can by the one coming up and then do as much work as you can between then and the end of the year. As I keep saying Honesty, Integrity, Authenticity and Love are the key, forgiveness and gratitude will get you there.


So how authentic are you? Do you say what you feel from the heart or do you say what others expect you to say or what throws you in the best light? If you don’t do the first then better not to say anything.

Do you give advice to others that you would be better off taking yourself? Listen to what you say to others and ask yourself should it be you that is listening.


Do you tell yourself that faking it till you make it is the way to go, as you will only make something fake? Are you honest with yourself about your motives desires and dreams?


Is what you say real, do you mean it and does it come from the heart?  There are a lot of people in this world that have been conditioned to believe that they can con and deceive people to get what they want and that this is ok, this somehow makes them clever or better. This could be in friendships or relationships or it may be business. Whatever you have to offer in life make it genuine, authentic and of value, let everything you do just be an extension of whom you are, this is where you will flourish. If you copy steal deceive and manipulate you are being urged to find a better way or this will be brought in to balance by the end of the year one way or another. I urge you to do something now, to at least be honest with yourself or the year will end harshly.

(Please get in touch with me if you are concerned about this but it is important that we are very honest with ourselves right now, Karma cycles are ending and it’s time to pay the piper)


However it is not the weekend yet and the energy today, apart from that already mentioned is also about dreaming, dream your dreams without need or despair, dream them as a thing that makes your heart sing not as an escape or as a way to be saved.


Fear still dominates so many and this is something that we need to bring into balance, fear is the underlying motivation for the less than pleasant behaviour people exhibit towards each other. So what is it that you are afraid of?


We are moving into a world of love unity and compassion, but to get there we need to become more balanced with a higher vibration that comes from integrity and truth. The first step is being honest with you, this is hard but it is worth it. Liars and cheats will be exposed if they don’t start the process themselves.


So look at your life and the way you are and be honest, strip yourself bare and take a non -judgemental look, are you honest and authentic, do you act with integrity and love and do you bring value to your relations with others?  Karma doesn’t listen to your pleas of innocence, Karma listens to your heart and it’s time you did the same!


Please get in touch or comment if you have any concerns as we all need to take this very seriously and do the work. We are all in this together so there is no judgement and I will always hold out my hand to help but this is a journey that you need to take the first step.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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