November 16th 2016 Energy Forecast



Good Morning, I hope you are all well, what a lovely shift in the energy last night, much healing was given to us all. Today and tomorrow are going to be gentle days for us all, a respite between two storms. Enjoy this time, nurture yourself and those around you. There is nothing that actually needs to be done now that can’t be put off for a day or two, allow yourself this time, trust me you will be glad you did.


TO ALLOW, this is the crux of many of our issues, we do not allow the good to come in or to come back to us, we do not allow the healing to come in as we are too busy being strong or protecting ourselves. We do not allow the love in and we feel it is safer or mightier to be the one that gives it out. We don’t allow us to change without feeling hypocritical or fickle, we don’t allow the good to flow in nor the negative to flow out. We hold resist and block so much causing our own suffering when this is really unnecessary.


The shifts we experienced a few weeks ago have changed so much for us all, there really is no need for us to suffer, so we need to start questioning things within us. The mind tends to fill in the blanks and we see and experience what we EXPECT to see and feel, now is the time to break those habits and expectation, do you really feel what you think you feel?


I feel passion and purpose, a drive to do and be the best you can be and when this is in true alignment with your soul it is easy, there is no reason to beat yourself up for your perceived failings.


On a human level I feel a lot of disappointment, let this go, disappointment comes when we have an attachment or investment to the outcome, when we have judged how this will go down. If you loosen your expectations and then let them go you will find that disappointment leaves you too. Disappointment can be crushing but it is within you so you can do something about it.


I also feel a massive boost of love, pure joyful unconditional love, you know when you are drawing this in as you have sheer unlimited love for all, every living creature just connects with you and you would never could never cause any harm or pain to anything.


Just stop and breathe this energy in today, many of you may feel you know what love is but that is mainly conditionally love between people, pure joyous deep and consistent Love is another matter altogether, so take some time out today to just breathe it in.


Have a wonderful rest and nurture yourself for by the weekend the energies will change once again and then my friends you need to hold on to your hats.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx

Get in touch if you need to xx


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