November 15th 2016 Energy Forecast



Good Morning and I hope you are well, so how has the energy of the moon been affecting you? For many it has been a time of irritation or short temperedness and for others a different story, how the moon affects you depends very much on what is within and also what needs to come out.

The energy around today is still moon energy and will continue to be for some days yet, but we are on the downside of it so its affects will lesson as each day passes.


There will continue to be anger and irritation, little flare ups of hostility and some of you may have feelings of dread. These however are just signs for you to see what needs looking at within. Yes everyone around you may be really irritating at the moment but this isn’t about them it is about you, normally this would not irk you in the slightest so it is showing you areas you need to look at.


The moon energy itself is serene; it is strong and silent, peace that comes with wisdom and understanding. It is calm and deep working helping you bring light to the shadows within. It is also energising and will push you forward into areas that you need to stand firm. It is a beautiful truthful yet compassionate and wise energy and I love it. I spent most of yesterday in meditation and I will write about the big karmic cycles that are ending this year later. It was a beautiful day!


Many people have been floored by the moon energy and it is a good idea to spend some time over the next few days asking what was it showing me? Be honest with yourself, I know so many are still believing the false story they are telling themselves. A story that only exists when played in front of an audience, it is a story constructed by what they believe will make them look better in the eyes of others, which is the only true validation in their eyes. I urge you to look carefully at this within you because if you are lying to yourself then the universe will make you look at the truth and it won’t be gentle.


As uncomfortable as this makes you feel, it is a gift from the moon to help you, as always the choice is yours whether you pull back the curtain and see or cling more tightly to your own perfect version of you.


I also feel the energy of compassion and innocence, draw this in and be reminded of your childhood, where compassion was given freely and to all. Innocence is a beautiful energy and one that we should all embrace, especially as we head into the new paradigm. Innocence holds no expectation or attachment, innocence is experience with wonder and awe, innocence is not knowing the outcome yet jumping in with joy. Innocence is a beautiful energy in deed.

So much of the energy around at the moment is white and gold; it feels full of promise and new beginnings, a slate wiped clean.  However that is only if you can bring honesty and integrity into your heart.


The energy is clear and true, the message is honesty and integrity. Be true and honest with yourself if no one else, that is the starting point that is so important right now. It does not matter how far down your path you are all that matters is that you have taken that first step with honesty and integrity.


This full moon is very powerful and there is no coincidence that it has come at this time, we are all being urged to stand up for what we believe and to be honest. Honest about our darker side, honest about our motives towards others, honest about the less than honourable things we have done. The same goes with taking responsibility for ourselves and our lives and to stop blaming others.


So start by being honest with yourself, how did the moon really make you feel? Don’t say what you think is the right answer, be honest with yourself before it’s too late.


I am here if you have any questions or concerns and I will be writing later about the karmic cycles that are coming to an end next weekend and at the end of the year. As I have said before the year ends with a big whip in the tail and you only have a few more chances to get all your ducks in a row.


Be honest, act with integrity and have a good day, love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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