November 13th 2016 Energy Forecast



Good Morning, how are you all feeling? The power of this full moon is affecting us all; I always find it best to just be in this energy rather than do. There is always a slight edge to what we do in the full moon; we are little more bitey or forceful.


This is a powerful moon and has been pulling out some deep memories, for some it may feel as though their life has been flashing before their eyes. Just let all of this bubble up and release, keep breathing and don’t analyse anything just let it go.


It is important that we have a little bit of a toxic flush as we get ready for a big cycle ending at the end of this month. Balance will be restored and that often requires being on the receiving end of your own behaviour, the shoe on the other foot so to speak, so that you can appreciate an alternative point of view. This however is not always uncomfortable, many people give and give and give with no thought to them and this too is imbalanced, so allow yourself to receive as equally as you give and vice versa.


I feel compassion, love, hope and forgiveness; these are beautiful energies and can help you get through anything, even your darkest hour. There will be a few of them over the next month or so and face them and go through them you must. They are however never as bad as you fear, these are nights where you face yourself squarely and see the truth with no justifications to hide behind. We are human and we have all erred or strayed from the path, this is all part of our experience, it’s what makes us who we are. This is the tough bit of becoming consciously aware, we see the truth in others but then we also see the truth in us and that is usually a bit of a shock. Just remember it is normal, expected and a condition of the world we live in and experiencing both sides of the coin will bring you to unity.


We are all here for a reason right now; do you know what your purpose is? What do you Love, what makes your heart sing and brings your joy? Follow the breadcrumbs and you will find your bliss. It is time to wake up and to believe. Everyone is looking for a miracle but few believe in magic. I know many of you believe in angels, ascended masters, your path, cosmic ordering and so on but do you really believe it? Do you believe from your heart and believe in your own abilities? Do you believe? Really ask yourself that question as the answer is probably NO and that is the rub, we all know to create magic we have to believe unquestioningly, which is why the universe provides us with such amazing validation again and again but even that you doubt right?


One of the reasons I created the healing pool is so that you could be the one to direct your own healing, you had to go to the pool, rather than being passive and having the healing come to you. I see you there, I have a gift that I can go into others meditations, some can see me some can’t however it lets me validate your experience, that these aren’t just imaginings in your mind.


I love the reactions I get when I describe someone’s meditation to them, lots of swear words and then I can’t believe but of course I can, but I can’t but then of course I can. If it wasn’t happening in another dimension then I couldn’t visit it.


I am here to teach, to validate, to guide and offer an alternative perspective, a good friend said yesterday that now she understands about the ego it has totally changed how she views everything and has helped enormously with recent life changes. It is amazing how liberating an alternative perspective can be and how one sentence can radically change your life.


When you first get these revelations you become very quiet about it, you don’t share it, it is private and personal, like a beautiful rose bud that needs to be sheltered from the storm, it is only as this matures that you are ready to share it with the world. This is how it should be, only when it is integrated mature and stable are you ready, it is the ego that shouts about knowledge the instant it is acquired and this brings little value or understanding. You cannot teach whilst you are learning but you can assist, however this again is a condition of the duality we live in, this is why we need integrity and discernment.


Take some time over the next few days to see what has changed for you this year, how do you feel and what are you bringing in. Which energies are you emitting and therefore drawing into you are they what you think? Remember it is better to be honest with yourself even if that means admitting you have been selfish or mean, as the energy is then truthful and honest.


Which dreams are beginning to come true for you? Sometimes it can feel like our life is falling apart but it is just clearing the decks to make space for your dreams, however sometimes it is falling apart as you just wouldn’t see the lessons to be learned and now they are being forced upon you. That is the tricky bit of this world and why learning discernment and your own intuition are so important, so that you can tell the difference.


Keep your head down today, feel the energies and enjoy them but don’t externally act on them or you may be clearing up some hurt feeling next week.


As always here if you need me, link into the healing pool it is rather wonderful and have an awesome day.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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