November 12th 2016 Energy Forecast

November 12th 2016 Energy Forecast

blue moon

Good Morning, the energy today is high and excitable, this is great, but at the same time ensure that you are grounded well, otherwise you will fly high and then you will crash. If you feel yourself getting carried away, talking a lot and very quickly and generally being a bit high, just take some time out to breathe and be, visualise grounding yourself and then move on.


When the moon is as close and powerful as it is right now it is important that we draw in the moon energy, grounding and also using it to help us on our journey. Rather than the moons energy impacting on us, which can make us a little irrational, hyper or angry. If you have something delicate to say to someone now is not the time, it will not go down well.


The energy around at the moment is very intense and can you affect you on so many levels, dizziness is the most common and I feel that a lot of you are affected by this at the moment. Increase your water intake considerable, mine as almost doubled in the last week, we are all undergoing great changes. Are you fighting or flowing with these?


So often in life our soul path is one thing and our ego’s plan is something completely different, take some time this weekend to look into your soul to see what it is that you desire. You will see that it is very different from the glittery sparkly stuff the ego craves. Align with your soul not your ego, once you get passed the ego and are able to see what you truly desire, which has nothing to do with how other people see you. The soul see’s the ego in this way the same way we would view a 7 year old caught up in drama and wanting to be just like their friends at school, it’s just nonsense and nothing.  However we also see that it feels important and real to the 7 year old until they grow and see the bigger picture or see their drama in the wider context. Look for this within you, what is it that you are seeking externally that will give you the validation you so desire, this will give you the first clue as the imbalances of your ego.


Mondays supermoon is going to bring much up within you, you can probably already feel its affects. This is going to be an important moon for many reasons, firstly it is much closer than usual so we will feel its affects strongly but more importantly this is a moon of master illusion, all is not as it seems. You will be able to see clearly who is deceiving you, who is using slight of hand and gently manipulating you. You will also see your own behaviours highlighted in the light of the moon.


It is time to look beyond the curtain and see what is really going on…..we are not in Kansas anymore and whilst you pretend that we are, forcing everything to fit an old model, you may as well pack up your crayons and go home.


This wonderful moon will open your eyes to so much about yourself and your life if you allow it. It is not always pleasant but what is underneath that is the most consistent beautiful and joyful soul imaginable.


Those who operate below the integrity standard will use the energy of this moon to get what they want, to trick and deceive but you all have your moon truth glasses on so take note but don’t do anything until this moon energy drops next week or it may explode.


Enjoy this wonderful energy, be empowered and allow the shifts that care taking place, after all you asked for them.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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