November 11th 2016 Energy Forecast



Good Morning and I hope you slept well, lots going on at night for most of us, so you may feel a little odd but this is not a bad thing just different.


The energy around is a real mixed bag of Universal energy and human emotions, so it is really important to do cleansing and grounding visualisations daily or you will find yourself getting irritable or angry, short tempered and impatient. Although you don’t want to get carried away with these emotions they are a great opportunity to process them, leading you towards greater clarity and peace of mind.


I know I talk of it a lot but what are your processing techniques? You need some and processing in your sleep is not enough, you need to have conscious and physical processing techniques. It’s like all with any area of study you can only learn so much by reading, application and practical exercises are key.  This is really simple to assess, do you take time out to sit down and go through the issues that have triggered you? This does not mean mental analysis or lying in bed at night with it all running through your mind or even chatting with your friends. These are mental exercises under the control of the ego so you will never get the results you desire. Processing is a different technique altogether do you would know if you were doing it or not. Don’t avoid this question, it is an important one to ask yourself and yes, once asked, it is your responsibility to do something about it.


Integrity really is the central concept of everything right now, act with integrity no matter how big or small, at all times and the rewards will flow, lie, use and deceive and you will be shown some lessons to get you in a better place.


Everything that occurs in our lives does so as a result of choices we make, everything, we feel like victims when that choice is made unconsciously yet we still made it. Therefore it is our responsibility to make our lives and our choices conscious. A common example of this is when we convince ourselves that we are in love with someone and set up home with them, this is often a justification of our behaviour which is actually based in fear or need. Marriage and co habitation meets our need for financial security or physical security, it provides a companion or child care, these are deep needs and fears within us that need to be satiated, so the mind will rewrite our motives to ones with more integrity. This is however just a story we tell ourselves, consciously we believe the ego story that we are in love but if we look a little closer, we are just getting our needs met. These are the areas that we need to look at with wide eyes and an open heart; just start by being honest with yourself, the rest will follow.


We are all being supported to look at the dark side of us and living in a duality it is there, you cannot reconcile the light and dark bringing in a balanced state of unity until you recognise there is a light and dark within. A light and dark that cannot be balanced with a few positive affirmations, this takes courage and it is here by the bucket load.


You have all been having flashes of memories from the past, when you may have acted less than perfectly, this may cause sadness or regret within but it is here to look at, to accept you acted this way and to forgive yourself, don’t push these down or dismiss them, take this opportunity and process.


Have a great day, keep grounding and cleansing, stay out of the drama and look within.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx






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