November 10th 2016 Energy Forecast

November 10th 2016 Energy Forecast


Good morning beautiful people, today feels like an empowering day, go and seize it!  There is still a large amount of anger and fear sweeping the Globe but do your bit to stay out of it or be the voice of reason. Many people’s instant reaction is a dramatic one, that’s it the world is F’d, just like they did with Brexit and fear is spread. This however is not your reality, you are not going to feed into this  as none of it is real, Presidents , just like Prime Ministers are just puppets for the real establishment, so don’t get caught up in despairing at the personalities involved, it is the entire system we all need to unplug from.


So the energy that I am feeling predominantly is courage and insurgence, it’s ok people of America we have your back, it’s ok people of the world we have each other. Never before in history have there been so many conscious people and events like the election increase that tenfold. Don’t turn on each other and look for someone to blame, don’t hang your head in shame, this is a good thing. Just like Brexit, this was a good thing, I am all for no borders however not this way, not with an unregulated and corrupt juggernaut at the head. Remember we are not adapting a failing system we are completely replacing it, so things like this need to happen. It is ok though as we are all in this together and we are more consciously linked than ever before. We will all be ok, better than ok!


So what do you need to be courageous about in your life, what patterns or cycles are you breaking? This is a great time to do, you do not need to bring your mind into this and rationalise anything, you are leading with your heart and your intuition and you do not need to justify your choices to anyone.


If anything that you do, you do with the thought of an audience in mind, stop you are leading with ego. It is time to do what you want to do without thought to anyone else, as long as you are not hurting anyone else then they really don’t matter. Other people really don’t care about your drama and if they do that is only because they are avoiding their own issues, so stop being afraid of what other people will think, they rarely think what you think they think. In fact if you bring a smile to their face they will think of you all day, in a lovely way.


Have an impact on people, be bold put yourself out there, the energy is perfect for this today. If you pass someone and they don’t make eye contact say good morning regardless, so many people are afraid of their own shadow these days. They are not rude they are fearful, so just greet them unconditionally. Try to do everything unconditionally, this can be hard as this world is built on conditions but do it, it is worth it. If someone doesn’t like me, that is their prerogative, it does not naturally follow that I don’t like them, my liking them is not conditional upon them liking me and why should it?


As we head towards the weekend once again, reflect on how you can express a part of you that you keep small, maybe you love to sing or dance, then do it, dance and sing around the house like you are on stage, belt those tunes out. My neighbour and I both love music and we both love to sing , once we had established that each other’s music didn’t bother us, you will often hear us both singing loudly together.


Maybe someone forces their opinions upon you and you stay quiet, well this weekend maybe the time you find your voice. It is ok to disagree with others as long as you don’t take their view point as a personal attack or feel the need to “win”.


I feel such strength and courage, use it but remember to breathe and stay grounded otherwise you could be a bit of A hole. These energies are strong and can make you giddy or tip you back into ego, keep a check on this; grounding is the way to go.


Have a fabulous day, be bold, be inspired, and be that change!


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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