November 9th 2016 Energy Forecast

IMG_1255 (2).JPG


Good morning I hope you are well, the most dominant energy’s flying around the planet right now are fear, anxiety, anger and confusion, I bet you can feel it. These are energies created at ground level and are not coming in from the universe to aid us in our journey, the opposite in fact. Bring this into your conscious awareness and when you feel any of this, know that it is not real and don’t own it, let it pass on through.


Of course this is going to trigger your own anxiety, anger and confusion, however remind yourself that this is not real but make a note of your fear and anxiety so that you can process it later or on the spot if you can. Have gratitude for the opportunity to release another layer of conditioning, this way you can easily turn something perceived as a negative into a positive, a downward slide into a lesson.


This is another reason grounding is so important, as we head towards the end of the year the energy is going to become more intense and fast paced and we are going to be bombarded with this fearful energy, if you have strong roots you won’t get knocked off your feet. If you know who you are you will stand strong and allow this strong energy’s to just pass on by.


The Universal energies feel a little subdued as though a blanket has been pulled over them and I will going in later to see what this is all about. I can sense a fog like energy that will only add to the confusion. Get out into nature if you can and breathe. I will be out walking in the rain with the dogs later, I love love love this, it cleanses and recharges on all levels.


It is really important at this time that you achieve as much balance in your life as you can, take care with what you eat, ensure plenty of exercise, increase your fresh water intake. Have time being still as well as active, receiving and giving equally. This is not a time for heroes or victims, this is a time for every single person to step into their power and then hold out their hand to the person next to them.


There is no hierarchy in unity, just because I reach unity before you, does not mean that I am better or more evolved, no it means I have a responsibility to turn around and hold out my hand. I have a desire to light the way and the wisdom to know we are all in this together. Labels, certificates, pecking orders, exclusives clubs, borders and division are all BS. This is the way I see the “spiritual community” in general terms, there are groups of people who have been “making a living” at these fayres for years, however they have not grown or evolved and they are certainly not wise or compassionate, they are divisive and hierarchical, they believe they are better than others and people curious about spirituality are left feeling inferior. The terms they use are exclusive too and even they don’t really understand what they mean. They do not offer real wisdom for growth but they may make you feel better in the moment. They are competitive and very negative; I get attacked every time I enter this world as I see them for what they are! The proof of whether you are consciously walking your path is in your own growth and that is continual, this never ends. I know so much more today than I did 6 months ago, my gifts have grown and deepened and expanded, my understanding of the world and myself isn’t even in the same stratosphere as it was when I began this conscious journey all those years ago. I know that in another 6 months this will be even deeper and I know that the wisdom I share with my friends family and clients moves them forward on their path, opening their eyes to understanding that they can never un- know and that changes them forever and this is why I always come back to value, what value do you bring and really ask yourself what value does your spiritual teachers bring, how have your eyes been opened and how has that related to you change in you and your environment.


Spirituality is not pink and fluffy the absolute opposite, it takes guts courage and stamina to look at the darkness in you, it takes the biggest heart to forgive yourself and it takes bravery to stand up and share this with your friends and community.


So it is time to stand in your own truth and integrity, to be discerning about what you do with your power and who you choose to believe, look at the results, and look at the actions as opposed to words.


This year is ending with a whip in the tail and it is time that you looked at your life, the changes and growth and if they aren’t outstanding and frankly miraculous then you are not growing, feeling a little warm and fuzzy for an hour isn’t it. These are big dramatic changes, taking on new perspectives that shatter the old, we are moving from a duality into unity, work needs to be done and if you can’t see that yet, it may be time to take the blind fold off.


Today more than anything else it is time to really get to know who you are, otherwise you will never be able to tell what your energy is and what isn’t and that is really important as we move forward.


So stay out of the fear and anxiety and draw in the universal energy of truth, this as always will set you free.


Always here if you need clarity, love and laughter Michele xxxxx



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