Generations YZ & Alpha – who are they, why do they seem so different and what makes them so important?

Generations YZ & Alpha – who are they, why do they seem so different and what makes them so important?


The younger generation do seem almost impossible to fathom to most, they seem addicted to social media, rarely make eye contact and seem adverse to hard work. They are accused of being weak cry babies who know their rights but not their responsibilities. They appear to believe the world owes them something whilst doing nothing. I admit these thoughts have crossed my mind being a mother, friend and employer to Gen Y & Z’s. I was initially baffled and irritated but also intrigued by the changes in one generation.


However there is a very good reason for these characteristics and although on first glance they seem to be lacking in something, the opposite is actually true. These young adults and children are going to bring about the change we need and want to see in the world, they already are.

Generation Name Births
Age Today*
Oldest Age
The Lost Generation –
The Generation of 1914
1890 1915 101 126
The Interbellum Generation 1901 1913 103 115
The Greatest Generation 1910 1925 91 106
The Silent Generation 1923 1944 72 93
Baby Boomer Generation 1945 1964 52 71
Generation X 1961 1979 37 55
Generation Y –
The Millennial –
Gen Next
1980 1995 21 36
Generation Z 1996 2010 6 20
Gen Alpha 2011 2025 1 5









Source: (Michael T Robinson, The Generations)


If we stop trying to understand them in light of our old model and see them as creating a new model then we can understand them and work with them. Collaboration and Co-Creation are the key elements.


After all none of us are happy with the state of the world, we all want change, a different way. So when that change begins to happen, we should allow it to flow rather than bend it back to the way things were. Change can be scary but it’s what we all want, right?


The Millennials, those aged between 21 and 36 and there are approx. 1.8 billion in the world. Millennials are the largest generation in western history.


So what is so special about them and how are they changing the world?


Each generation is a product of and a reaction to the previous generation, they are also shaped by their social and political environment but more than this, it is part of our evolution, it is part of our collective journey.


Millennials and more so the later generations of z and alpha, do not use technology as a tool they are integrated with technology, it is part of them and this has developed and expanded their awareness considerably. It has shaped them in so many ways; it has also made them more connected with a diverse variety of people, views, opinions, lifestyles and information. Technology, The Internet and Social Media are part of them and this isn’t a bad thing. Let’s take a look at some of their characteristics, technology plays a part in most of them.


They are educated: they are the most highly educated generation in western history with women making up approx. 50% across the board. The vast majority of Millennials think the pay discrepancy between men and women is disgraceful. This is progression and balance.


Millennials make up more entrepreneurs than any other generation; they are so over the corporate structure. They want more balance in their work home life; they would rather take a pay cut and do something meaningful and enjoyable than sell their soul to the man. They still want success but not in a dog eat dog way. Co-operation and collaboration is their focus. Business’s they start are more likely to incorporate grass roots giving.


They can multi-task like a pro and have become super-sensitive to their environment, although it may not seem like that to Generation X or The Baby Boomers. They may be playing with their phone or computer but they are also listening to everything you are saying, whilst watching YouTube and talking to their mates. The later generations will become more adept at this; their brains are rewired to take in so much more information simultaneously. Our brains have to flit from one thing to another rapidly, to multi task, theirs happens all at once. They are showing greater signs of conscious awareness and flow.


They are community minded and this extends to the Global Community. They are more focused on the needs of the group than the individual. They stand up for fairness and justice and have a strong ethical code. They are more likely to check out a company’s ethical background before investing, buying from or applying for a job.


They don’t recognise borders and distinctions in the same way we have, the world is for everyone and everyone is of the world is their view so let’s explore and get along.


There is a cynical or mistrusting side to these generations although it is the beginning of discernment and the Alpha children will be very astute. These have been brought up with the recession/crash of 2008, the revelations of the corruption in Government, banking and media. They know that Corporations and Industry lies to us and poison our food and consumables, that Big Pharma is killing us. They know they have been lied to all their lives and this makes them suspicious but it makes them aware, it makes them conscious and this changes everything.


They are political and they want to achieve social & political change and they know they can and they are. They push forward policies and ideas that make for a more just society.


Are they really cry-babies, yes it is true they get offended very easily, with cries of you can’t talk to me like that? However when we stop and think about it we probably shouldn’t. We have all become used to being spoken to rudely by people, all sorts of people, our teachers, co-workers, employers and our families. I am sure most people have had a confrontation with some rude stranger who thinks it’s ok to shout at you or barge you out of the way. Yet we put up with it, we may fume about it later, yet we do nothing. We wish it wasn’t so but what can we do? Then a generation comes along that simply says No, you can’t talk to me like that, I won’t put up with it! Hurray! They are starting the change and in a few more generations we won’t need to say Don’t talk to me like that because it wouldn’t even cross anyone’s mind to be that rude aggressive or controlling in the first place.


Like all generations there are some that rise and flourish and others that struggle but we can help. Those that are lost, unemployed, lacking motivation and all of the characteristics named above are this way because they don’t fit into their world and this traps them. They are misunderstood because those that came before don’t understand the way their brains work or the perspective they have and they are made to feel like they are failing or bad in some way. They feel they have no place and this makes them angry or depressed further perpetuating the view that they are workshy rude and overly sensitive.


When they are in an environment that encourages co-operation and social responsibility they come into their own. Industry leaders recognise this and have changed the way they deal with millennials, they do it as they are driven by profits, we should do it as we are driven by love and gratitude.


Millennials is a tough generation as they had to make the biggest leap, they have the brain and mind-set of tomorrow living in the world today and that can be painful but they are bringing in our tomorrow and we should be helping them. We are in a box; they are not so we do need them to lead the way.


The Alpha children being born today are awesome, they have all of the skills and characteristics of the Y & Z Gen but in a much more polished and rounded way, where the Y Gen have had to smash a few boundaries and learn how to fit in whilst at the same time changing everything, the Alpha’s are just so wise.

So our ZY and Alpha Generations are here to help us transition into Unity, their key concepts are co-operation and collaboration, Community over the individual, fair and right practices for all. The end to divisions and borders that turn countries against countries and people against people.

They naturally exist in 5d and see the world in 4d and are more connected to their surroundings and environment. They live more consciously and have an expanded awareness.


They are changing the way we work and how we view work and our lives in general, balance in all areas is key.


So yes they are different from us and yes we may not understand them yet but they are bringing in the change we wish to see in the world, so let’s support that.


Michele Blatchford











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