November 6th 2016 Energy Forecast



Good morning and I hope you slept well, the energy around us today is reflective and you would do well to have a large dose of forgiveness to hand. Forgiveness for others and how you may feel they have wronged you in the past but harder still is to forgive yourself, but do it you must, otherwise you may as well give up now.


Every single person has made mistakes and been less than a nice person in their past, how else do we learn and grow. But we do have to forgive ourselves and let it go, it is done, past, it no longer exists and there is nothing we can do to change it, so it is a complete waste of time and energy to dwell on it. The greatest gift we can give to someone we have wronged is to learn that lesson and reconcile that within us, moving on to become a more balanced wise and compassionate person. That way there is no wasted event, it had great value.


It is also good to step back, the bigger picture always shows us the intricate dance we are in with others, and our awful behaviour can also be a learning experience for our “victim”. If we beat ourselves up for our failings as parents and wish we could do it all again with our wiser or more patient selves, then we could see how our children needed exactly the upbringing they had to make them the people they are today, the same goes for our parents and our perceived failings of them.


We all need each other to be the people we have been to become the people we are, so we take the lessons and the strengths and move on with gratitude. To keep picking at it like a scab is self-indulgent, shows an attachment to drama and is pretty ungrateful, it also wastes a wonderful learning opportunity.  Also check that you are not holding on to the past as an excuse not to live your life now. Living can be really scary, so many choices so many responsibilities, but that is only because you are not fully awake, and once you truly live consciously you see the beauty and opportunity all around.


The energy today feels like a big open playing field, yours to do with it whatever you choose, but I also feel large amounts of fear all around the edges. This is fear generated on a global level and it can make you feel hemmed in or trapped, remember this is not your fear so don’t own it, just breathe and step out of it.


Next week is going to be a week of living consciously, although time is speeding up at an amazing rate you are going to have moments of slow motion and extra clarity, you will see your actions and your real intentions like a commentator on a movie. Some of these may shock you a little but just reach into that forgiveness and apply liberally.


We cannot push down or ignore those sides of us that are less than rosy, they are an equal part of us just as much as the nice stuff and if we deny that we are denying ourselves as a whole….every wondered why so many don’t feel whole and are searching for that missing piece of their other half?


Once I embraced and reconciled all the sides of me, light and dark, masculine and feminine, I no longer had a “need” to find my other half!


Enjoy your Sunday, let the revelations into your own nature to flow and forgive forgive forgive; all those actions made you the person you are today and got you to this place, accept it embrace and make that change. Start living consciously!


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxxx


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