November 5th 2016 Energy Forecast

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Good Morning and what a wonderful energetic weekend we have before us. It is all about construction and creation. Time to be a full participant in your life, you are the architect and the foreman, these are your ideas and you are the one to push it forward.


I know this can be a tricky one for many as it can be confusing stuck between making things happen and going with the flow. Some think going with the flow is never directing anything or taking responsibility but that is underestimating and misunderstanding flow. Flow is like surfing the waves, you have to know when to paddle and when to stand but also you have to get out there with your board in the first place. So you are the creator the waves are helping you get to your destination and the more you understand the flow of the energy the more fun you will have.


So what revelations did you wake up with this morning? We have had a week of being healed in our sleep, some have had upgrades and others have released a lot of old stuff, whatever has been going on for you, you are slightly different to the you of Monday. Last night’s sleep was different this again was filled with messages and wisdom for the reason you are here right now.


Every single one of you has a purpose and that certainly is not to amass a great fortune, that may come your way and help you in your life but it is not your purpose. This morning you should have a clearer idea of what that may be.


I feel the energy of structure and stability; it is not so much rigid as solid and strong, the old structures are dissolving, the path is being cleared for new ways of operating and it is going to be chaotic, which is why what you are going to do now is so important. Time to consider what you belief and what you dream for the future but think outside the box or rather outside the box of duality, now this is hard as you are currently in the box with limited awareness that you are in the box and you are being asked to think outside the box with a inside the box brain. This is why day dreaming and the places in between, the pauses are so important; this is where you will get your first glimpse of life outside the box.


Let your mind wander over the weekend whilst you do manual chores, keep a journal, this is important! These are extraordinary times and the experiences you are about to have will blow your mind, you will think that you will remember these but the experiences will come thick and fast and you won’t remember, so start your journal today, you will be so glad that you did.


I know so many of you feel that you sleep walk through life or you just get through the day, that every day seems to be the same as the last, that you lurch from one crisis to another and just when you get yourself back on your feet something comes along to knock you down again. I know that you struggle and feel that it is one test after another. Life does not have to be that way anymore, this is what we are leaving and it just takes that first conscious step on your path to open a myriad of doors and opportunities. It take courage and determination as you are forging new paths rather than relying on old habits but you can do this, millions have taken that step already and are moving into Unity and they are just waiting for you. So what are you waiting for?  If you don’t know then you should have your answer by the end of the weekend, if you set your intention that is. If you wait for the angels to choose you and then guide you, you will be waiting some time. Yes angels and other such beings work with us but we choose them, we reach out and call for help, understanding etc. Once we set our intentions and make that commitment, once we accept full responsibility for our path and the choices we make, then we get the help we need.


If we don’t make that commitment, if we don’t walk consciously with integrity then I am sorry to say but the guides and angels that assist you in this path is actually your spiritual ego, here to distract and basically blow smoke up your …to stop you from growing. This also explains the toxicity of the “spiritual community” (in general terms) Sadly the majority of readers healers etc. are trapped within their spiritual ego, which is why there is so much competition between them and dissonance between what they say or the image they project and the personality they actually are. It is also shown in how much they struggle especially financially, there is no flow.


SO use the wonderful energies of this weekend to begin constructing the world of your dreams outside of the box.


Also don’t forget to connect into the healing circle, it really is getting some great results and there is a guided visualisation on the website to help you connect.


Always here if you need any more info or advice.


Have a wonderful weekend, lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxxx


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