November 4th 2016 Energy Forecast



Good morning, I hope you are well, another healing sleep with many messages for you. We are all being guided and spoken to every day and pretty much every minute of each day. This comes in a variety of ways; it is your job to be listening or to follow the bread crumbs.


To get the strongest messages you need to go to edges and the spaces in between, this is where all the information you need is, it is also where magic happens, so get yourself acquainted. When night becomes day and day becomes night, the place between sleep and awake, where sea becomes land are just a few of the magical places of information and alchemy. Add a couple together and you are on fire, this is why my favourite place is the seashore at sunrise! Not just because it is awe inspiringly beautiful J


We also have many of our family who are in spirit around, take strength courage and comfort in their presence and listen to what they have to say too. Our armies are gathering, as above so below. You wanted to know why they had to pass when they did, why they had to leave you, this is why, as they had a job to do the other side of the veil, we need equal numbers and we all need as much support on both sides.


It is time to listen to all those voices but mostly the voice from your heart, you have all done a lot of work this year to help silence the voice of the mind and tune in to the heart, have faith and go with that now, you know the right thing to do, don’t convince yourself otherwise.


Unity is a beautiful paradigm indeed and I cannot fully express the joy and magic there is for everyone but you have to be willing to put down your control, your need to be right, and your ego demands. You need to move away from the drama and gossip and everything that is external and believe.


Do you think I am crazy or deluded maybe? I can close my eyes and see the future and the past, I can see your desires and wishes, I can see your path and where you are right now. I can stretch time, I can heal, I can create things to turn out the way I want, I can manifest my desires and I can do all this when I close my eyes. (To be fair I don’t really need to close my eyes) I fight the dark daily and I win (although technically the light doesn’t fight the light just is)


If you look at my life you can see that I am not deluded as I am actually creating this stuff in the physical too, you can see it in action. So If I am not deluded and you believe in me, then why don’t you believe in you? Why don’t you embrace this and realise that you are all bridges to the new paradigm, you just have to leap in with a commitment and intention to become a clear vessel so you too play across dimensions, living in unity?


It is a tough thing to accept in yourself, after all you live in a duality still and that values things outside of yourself. It may be easier for you to think that I am special or gifted I am not, I am determined and dedicated though, I was driven to release my conditioning and baggage and I was focused, I have also always been a hard worker and that my friends is all you need.


So today and going into the weekend it is all about the energy of faith and belief, not in anything outside of you but in you because that is where the miracles start. You can do this, we are all the same and if I can do this so can you, in fact it will be way easier for you, for many reasons, time is speeding up and the energies are at their optimum for this, also you have the wave energy of the crowd, the tipping point was reached many years ago so momentum is on our side. You also have me and many teachers like me around the world, who walked before so we could light the way for you. We cannot do it for you but we can guide you through the pitfalls, offer you our hand when you stumble and light the way in the dark.


You don’t need to do this alone and there is no kudos in this, in unity, we are all in this together, we all go or none of us go , so enough is enough people, time to stand up and walk your path consciously. If you are not blown away by miracles everyday then you are not walking consciously and I don’t care what your ego says. If you are not bringing value to every moment of every day then you’re  floating around the shallow pools of eg


Tthis is a duality so most people have a unbalanced ego, this is fine, the trick is becoming aware of this and then working on it. If you find yourself getting quite passionate or forceful about something, you are most likely in ego.  Those who shout the loudest usually have the most to hear.


We have some great inspirational energy coming in over the weekend and once again this is just about you. Ask to be shown where you may be in ego, ask to be shown your true path, and then begin to believe in yourself. I didn’t get to where I am by listening to others or going on courses, I don’t have a single certificate but I do have daily miracles that are real and concrete.


Set your commitment and mark November 2016 as the date your Life changed forever!


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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