November 3rd 2016 Energy Forecast



Good Morning, I hope you slept well, much healing happened in the night so you should be waking feeling more rested. Our bodies have been through a tremendous amount this year, much restructuring and it is important to get lots of rest and water, it will also help greatly to eat what your body craves. Make sure you are listening to your body and not your mind or emotions.


There are big changes coming up for everyone this month and the end of this month will set the tone for the year finale. Whatever goes down, everyone will start the year 2017 in a very different place, 2016 was a prep year, which is why there was so much change, we are all where we are right now for  a reason, flow with it .


I feel the energy this morning of reflection, there has been much of your past coming into your mind over the last couple of days, fleeting glimpses of childhood, snap shots of misunderstandings or quarrels. Let it all go with forgiveness, this is coming for release and also to show how far you have come, how much you have changed yet how you have stayed the same. It is time to let it all go, you have what you need now, I have seen too many killed by their past, as they were unable to acknowledge accept forgive and release.


I have also seen those who refuse to take responsibility have their life change so dramatically they have no option. It is time to stand up and be accountable or you will be forced to.


On the other hand those that have been doing the work unveiling their soul, taking responsibility and processing their conditioning, making a positive impact on their lives and the lives of others will find great rewards ahead. I feel an end of suffering, we do not need to suffer in the way we do which is a symptom of the duality paradigm, everything has changed and you will see that too if you allow it.


Today I feel the energy of truth clear and strong, Stop lying to yourself! Stop telling yourself you are ok, or that you are genuine, balanced or empowered because you are not! Not unless you have been working on your conditioning and processing your issues, otherwise you are insecure, unsure and living much of your life unaware of half of your motivation and self. Living consciously is the most important choice you will make today. Otherwise your life is just a justification of your ego, a story you tell yourself to stop you from growing and changing. The only way to move into unity is to unify all parts of you and that starts with accepting the possibility that you have a dark side. That where there is support there is also manipulation, where there is love there is also hate, there is no way round this, over it or under it, face it you must.


If you feel that you have addressed your issues as you have been on your spiritual path for many years and have had visits from ascended master angels and such I ask you these questions. Does money flow with abundance? Do you feel at the centre of a flow of unconditional love? Is your life filled with joy because you are joy? Do you witness miracles daily? Do you have some amazing gifts that help others without effort? Can you manifest in a second? Are you Love? And does all this emanate naturally from within you, effortlessly and with unparalleled joy? No then you have work to do and anything else us your ego lying to you to keep you from growing.


The egos of those who are unwilling to look further are getting out of control, very much like the emperor’s new clothes, all those around can see that their demands or view point are unbelievable, outrageous. An example of this would be someone reading my energy report and being triggered by the message, the ego would then justify this by saying that this was written about you as a personal attack, that the person writing this is obviously stalking you and you need to either attack them or protect yourself from them. The author is unprofessional and this status has nothing to do with them and it reinforces how wise and connected they are to spot this, the ego likes to feel persecuted. It is amazing how often this happens!


So take some time out to reflect, just sit and be, it is the only way that you can get a glimpse beyond the ego to what is really going on, it is not easy but it is worthwhile and it will set you free.


Have a great day and please get in touch if you have any questions or concerns, we are all in this together which is why I have to talk plainly at times, I am not going to validate your ego viewpoint.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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