So we have completed a week of healing and I am very pleased with the results so I think we should continue.

We are going to take it a step further to help you all get into it and I will be recording some visualisations that you can use to connect into the circle.

I don’t really get into the specifics of the people that turn up to be healed I just work where I flow. These however are some of the ailments or areas I have been working on.

A man with stomach issues and knee problems, a lady with a problem in her shoulder, another with issues to do with her brain, many with feelings of depression and despair. I had a lady with issues in every joint, especially hips. Quite a few stomach complaints and some with issues throughout their whole body, these were severe illnesses and extra healing was given. Heart issues as well.

The circle has grown significantly so I cannot remember or list all the issues that have come up.

I invited my neighbour into the circle, via her higher self and unbeknown to her conscious self, with great results. I do like to test these gifts.

Firstly she had an issue with her hip and was going to the doctors the following morning but didn’t need to as it had cleared up over night. Then she had a gout flare up on tuesday , she had a doctors appointment yesterday, this morning i asked how she was and she replied well I went to the doctors but all the pain had gone. Two direct correlations to the healing she received and she wasn’t even aware so no power of suggestions was involved.

So we will continue and please continue to share this so as many people as need to can join. I will be posting more info later today.

Have a wonderful healthy and happy day, love and laughter Michele xxxxx

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