November 1st Energy Forecast 2016



Good Morning I hope you slept well but maybe a few bumps in the night, I had a very busy house last night and I bet you did too.


So we begin the first day of November and with the new moon this is a big new beginning for us all or maybe that could be another chance to put things right. There is still time before the December whip of karma to start being in honesty and integrity, the universal forces want us to succeed and we are not set up to fail but we do have to take note of the signs and lessons around us so that we can process and balance our shit. We have to bring all aspects of ourselves into the light for recognition acceptance and release, bringing in a more balanced state of being and an increased conscious awareness.


A choice is a choice even if it is not made with conscious awareness and you are responsible for that and intention is more important than outcome a concept lost on many.


The energy around this morning is a little more direct than over the last few days and is once again about truth and clarity but this is about us not seeing the errors in others, remember those issues that we see so readily in others is just another sign for us to see those things in ourselves. So whenever you get these insights the first thing to do is see how this applies to you, this is never about the other person, it is always about you.


Perpetuity is energy to help us see what we really want to bring in, look at your dreams and ask is this something I want to have forever. What if I had to live this dream every day for ever? This energy will help you change your focus on what you want and make you look at it is slightly different terms. I could quite happily live forever with my life exactly as it is and this allows great change and growth the fundamental principles upon which my life grows are simple grounded and balanced.


Ah I feel one of my favourites, equanimity, I love this and it is one of my natural states, a direct result of processing, we all need to draw this in over the next day or so as the energy being passed around on a human level is going to become crazier and more volatile as we head towards the end of the year. This energy helps you to step back and remain calm and balanced, living your life with grace simplicity and peace; we need to make conscious decisions every day not to get caught up in the drama fear and anger.


Skeletons are going to be coming out of the closet, it is best if you are the one to get them out, although it may seem that humans are very judgemental, that is just because they are drowning in fear, their natural reaction is compassion and forgiveness, you just have to make yourself vulnerable to find that forgiveness. We all make mistakes and bad decisions, it is how we act after this, which matters, if we accept responsibility then we don’t tend to make the same mistake again, it then has value as a lesson has been learned. However if we refuse to see our responsibility and project our anger outwardly, then no lesson has been learned no value is gained in fact negative value is often achieved as we direct anger outwardly to whoever we deem to be responsible for our “bad luck”


So although we are in a period of new beginnings right now it is important to be aware of our own actions and the negativity of our past or so many will continue in cycles of conflict despair disappointment frustration and suffering, whilst pointing the finger and blaming.


So imagine that no one in the world has any responsibility towards you and your life, no one did anything to you, nobody is to blame. Imagine that no one will save you, or help make your life better. Imagine that to live the life of your dreams; it is only your actions that will find you at your end goal. Imagine all of this for a day and by the end of the day you will have a plan moving forward, that doesn’t involve anyone but you! Now that is a plan that is going to succeed!


Have a wonderful day, love and laughter Michele xxxx


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