October 21st 2016 Energy

October 21st 2016 Energy

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Good Morning I hope that you are well, the energies are strong and clear this morning, I feel once again courage, determination and fortitude. You all have the strength and support to do what needs to be done. Everyone has a series of forks in the road, doing the right thing is not always the easiest in the short term, temptations and enticements glitter the darker path and the apparent rewards are quicker but this is a blind alley and at some point you will find yourself sitting in the ruins of your life thinking how did I get here.


Truth and integrity are your friends and they are as ever present as Love these days, these will guide you down your true path.

As I have been saying as we head to the end of the year we are going to have to be accountable for our actions, the choices we have made and the effect we have had on others, we are all going to have our hearts weighed. It is however never too late to stop and choose a better way, a more conscious and loving life. Other people are our strength not there to be used, manipulated or ignored, we don’t walk our path stepping on the heads of others, we walk arm in arm, we have hands to help and shoulders to lean on, we have wisdom and skills that are great yet in a group as part of team they are awesome.


I feel the energy of clarity coming in strongly, so much that you have not understood in the past week or some will become clear today, you will the steps that go you here and you will understand where you need to go next. Clarity also helps us see beneath the illusion that is so much of our day; it also helps us see when we are being manipulated. Gone are that days that we sacrifice ourselves for an easy life, the power of truth is too great.


As more and more people begin to stand in their truth stepping forward and speaking becomes easy, in fact trying not to speak is hard. When you are speaking your truth from your heart it flows and completely bypasses the mind, you will have had moments like this recently when without thought you found yourself saying exactly what you thought, which surprised and amazed you. Keep this up, the truth will always out and as much as you run away from it, the cliché is true it will set you free.


All the energies today are bright clear and bold, these are your weapons, they will cut through all the bull and deceit, that others tell you but also the story you tell yourself. Use these as you take stock of your life, what is it telling you? What changes do you need to make? Are you Integrity, Truth and Love?


We all have choices to make every day that determine the path you are on, make a deal with the devil for glamour notoriety or riches and the light will find you, we know no other way!


Have a wonderful and illuminating day, here if you need any questions answered, you are never alone, love and laughter Michele xxxxxxx


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