October 20th 2016 Energy

courageOctober 20th 2016 Energy


Good Morning, I hope you all slept well, much deeper than in the past week I would imagine. So we are out of the energy of the full moon and it is time to turn out attention to what we would like to create in our world. Wherever you are drawn, make it with two things integrity and co-creation, without this you are building on sand in the world of Unity.


I feel strength and courage, truth and determination; it is time to be bold people, to live your truth, to stand up for what you feel passionate about, to no longer compromise and toe the line. You know what is right for you and for those around you. This is no longer about succeeding whilst others fail, that will no longer be tolerated, this is not a sole journey, we are not alone we are doing this together. I hold out my hand to you, will you take it?


When you begin to speak your truth the ties that bind snap, others cannot manipulate you into fulfilling a role or their needs, you can break free. It is time to shake of duty and expectation, you do not need to do anything because you should or ought, you act from the heart, as your heart will never steer you in the wrong direction.


Reclaim your right to laugh, to jump with joy, to cry at the sheer awesomeness of life, don’t be small don’t be afraid to shine your light the brightest, only those living in the shadows will be blinded by it.


Today is a day to celebrate to rejoice, you are fabulous and so am I, what else do we need to say?


Have a wonderful day and I am always here ! Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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