October 18th 2016 Energy



Good Morning, I hope you are well, the intensity of the energy is dropping and this may leave some feeling a little lost or depressed, as if going a hundred miles an hour and then just dropped out of the air.  This is like the air after a storm , were everything feels a little battered but also fresher.


So the full moon energy is still with us and will be until Wednesday/Thursday, so the truths and revelations will continue to work their way into your awareness, this is all about deception and deceit, your intuition will be high and it is time to start trusting it.


I feel money fear will be an issue for a lot of people today and can make you do desperate things, just take some time to breathe, your world isn’t going to end tomorrow and this is more about addressing your relationship to money and developing trust in your path. Or as one of my students just discovered it’s all about the freefall, a beautiful thing indeed, if you let go and fall the universe will catch you and place you in the most perfect place.


I feel human energy at the moment as lost, alone, abandoned, these are just the after effects of the powerful moon, it isn’t a permanent state so don’t own it but flip it on its head, you are free about to explore a new and intriguing world. I would rather not have a clue where I was and what I was doing but be in a world of infinite possibility than be in total control of a 6 x6 cell. In fact I made that choice many years ago and never regretted it and now I teach how to get there!


You may all feel a little weird at the moment but that is the effect of big cycles ending and new revelations coming in, we all have that corridor period, where we have left one room/cycle and are just allowing the changes and new state to settle in before we move forward freely into the next cycle/room these are always slightly odd times but know that nothing is off, it just is what it is.


By the end of the week you will find that you are creating plans and ideas for the future and as we move toward the end of the year you will be getting very active putting those plans into action. However sit with your motivations and intentions and remember we are moving from duality into unity, we are moving away from the race for money, prestige and material success. If you are still heavily invested in this at the detriment to others, then you will find blocks in your way. If you are being deceitful or lacking integrity then you will be brought to a stop, with some strong lessons to learn.


All this year I have had the phrases, time to pay the piper, time for your heart to be weighed, can you stand hand on heart and say that you are proud of your daily contribution, proud of the way you treat others, do you stand in your truth with love and integrity or are you still playing the game.


We are all being given another few months to get our houses in order because 2017 will be the year of honesty and accountability.


So today may be a bit of a cave day, or a gentle not doing much day, be aware that there are some sad energies out there so you don’t need to own them but set your intention to do a little internal housekeeping, as in a few days our attention is going to be looking at our next creative cycle and it is going to be a good one.  I am working on some short video tutorials, so we can work on co- creation together, although struggling a little bit with the tech.


Have a wonderful day, I am always here if you need some advice or clarification, we are all in this together.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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