October 16th 2016 Energy

cold moon

October 16th 2016 Energy

Good Morning, I hope you are well, so this morning I wake up and am drawn to reading about the American Political Race, something I usually stay out of, however it just confirmed to me what I already knew, we will have a Global Revolution. The people of the world will stand up one day and say NO.


Now I have known this for some time, so why did I feel drawn to look today? As with most things at the moment it is being under the influence of this rather magical yet intense moon. This is a moon of power and integrity, a moon of truth honesty and culpability. This is a moon where we feel our inner truths and stand in our power, we feel the need to stand up and be counted yet also confess our sins, this feels like the energy of revolution.


Although not the Global Revolution that is yet to come this is your own revolution, what are you no longer prepared to stand for, what truths do you need to say and hear and what lies will you expose.


Throughout my journey, whenever I am saying or doing something that is controversial or something that may ruffle some feathers or even if it’s just drawing attention for whatever reason, I get the same thing “just keep walking that straight line”


When you live in truth and everything around you is descending into chaos or people are going a little crazy and trying to pull you off track, you stand tall and keep walking your straight line of truth. You cannot then be pulled or knocked, you care not for what is happening around, you just continue to walk tall in a straight line.


So the power of the moon is at its fullest and the energies are rather intense, this may give some bodily pain such as stiffness and headaches or it may make you feel a little disconnected, you know that feeling when don’t really blink that much. A lot of that energy though is from people, if you can get yourself to the beach or in nature you will find the energy is very different, empowering, illuminating. The light of the moon will point us to those we can’t trust in our lives and you would do well to heed that warning.


Use all the elements of the moon and the energy it brings to firmly plant you on the map. I had a fire pit last night, releasing and giving thanks for all that came before in the last cycles and for the blessings right here right now, that have come in as a result of the lessons learned from the past cycles. This however, is not the time for starting anything new, although you may feel empowered this is something to sit with and allow to settle in, anything started now will miss the point, however if you leave it a week the energy changes and manifestation is easy but remember you have to clear on what it is you want.


Have a lovely day, be aware of the energies and know that you may ask or get asked some direct questions today but it’s all good.


Love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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