October 15th Energy Forecast

October 15th 2016 Energy Forecast


Good Morning, I hope you slept well, so this morning there feels like a little pocket lull in the energy, everything for the moment feels calm and still, as if in slow motion. In this moment I feel love, compassion, truth and integrity, calm and serenity.


However within a few hours that serenity will be gone, so much of the heightened emotions and behaviour are triggered by the moon but it is human energy that is kicking off. So many people have been bubbling under the surface with frustration disappointment and fear. Fear from all the negative & confusing images people are bombarded with every day, all the structures and institutions that the masses believed in for so long and thought were looking after us have been shown to be the ones abusing us and this has been leaving people in huge amounts of fear for around the last 8 years. People have been getting more and more fearful but less able to express this.


This fear has affected how people act in their relationships and work, fear makes people do crazy things and so they began to use and manipulate others, to steal lie and deceive, even if in subtle ways or by means that were justified in their minds. People have been acting out of “character” for a while now and the closer the moon gets to us, the more this energy gets pulled to the surface in people.


With the strong energy of truth, this could be an explosive mix.  You may see people around you being affected physically by this full moon, acting as though they have drunk a gallon of espresso or are drunk. Stay out of it if you can.


This is a weekend of truth, you own predominantly, issues you have been suppressing will come flooding to the surface and revelations about your own nature will be shown to you. The illumination of the moon often shows us things we don’t want to see, but see them we must as the story or illusion we tell ourselves is like the emperor’s new clothes, we may not see the truth about ourselves but others can see it like a neon sign. We all have friends that we can say that applies to but how about we all stop and see if this could be applied to us.


Compassion is needed by the bucket load this weekend and it is coming in strong, when you have a revelation about yourself or someone else, apply compassion liberally. See the pain and fear behind the behaviour, although not yours to fix, compassion is required.


Today is a today for gratitude, to see how far you have come this year, to give gratitude for all, to see the gifts you have and appreciate them right now in this moment.


As always both sides of the coin exist, so for those who have to face their fears this weekend you have those who are ready to dream their dreams. Who are excited and inspired by the moon, whose revelations help them move forward in their journey, with a happy skip. The moon empowers and motivates.


More than anything this is an opportunity to let go of the past cycle, it has run its course and it is time to release it with gratitude for all that it brought. First though take the time to recognise the cycle and the goodness that came from it, that is what you will carry through into the next cycle.


So first discover where you stand right now and then let it go with gratitude in your heart, it’s time for a better way.


Love and laughter Michele xxxxxxxfull moon solstice


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