The day the light workers disappeared – Written in 2013


It is worth looking back to this pivotal period, everything changed….however have you brought the old back in? Are you still carrying the old label of Light Worker? Have you moved into this new paradigm or are you still plastering love and light over every crack….take this weekend to look at how far you have come since 12/12/12. For those entrenched in the “Spiritual Community” be open to the possibility that you may have put yourself in a Perspex box that gives the illusion of growth. Everything changed in 2012, did you ?




I am not sure whether I have spoken in detail yet about what we have just been through over the last year or so. If I have then forgive me for repeating myself, it may still be worth a read as I may cover new areas.

So throughout 2012 and the years building to it our external world began to shatter, the illusion that had kept us asleep for so long was being revealed for the scam it was. We saw the lies and deceit of the banks, politicians and media being revealed. Truths were coming out again and again, as we started to question those beliefs that we had always held, that trust that we automatically gave to those in authority, those of “higher power”, we had to find the answers, the security and stability somewhere else and so began many peoples awakened journey, The Inner Journey.


So although 2011 and 2012 was hard for many it was also liberating, enlightening, empowering, people began to take back the control and responsibility for their lives, they began to understand how the universe works, law of attraction etc. and the universe responded, great growth was experienced and periods of intense joy and blissfulness. A lot of inner work had got people to this point, facing demons and releasing past hurt, as we got closer to the end of 2012 we were getting ready to set our intentions for 2013, we were supported by the universal energy to be in a place of calm clarity, many experienced eureka moments and great flashes of insight and wisdom, so much became clear and after all the confusion of the previous years this was welcomed and cherished.


So by 12/12/12/we were ready to be a clear channel to state our intentions, so many of you joined in with group meditations, which significantly increased the power and impact of your own intention but also the worlds (thank you) From the 12th through to the 25th we went through a series of gateways leading into the new paradigm, the new cycle that we were beginning. We were entering the new world. Vibrationally and energetically this world is completely different to what we knew before, everything changed as we crossed those gateways. Although to be fair only the most sensitive energy readers felt the shift, it was very subtle. So we had been prepared energetically throughout 2012 to be at the right state to set our intentions for the new paradigm.


For many they felt so connected with spirit during 2012, they meditated regularly, were getting the answers they needed when they needed it, they were experiencing longer and longer periods of pure bliss, they had huge amounts of love for everyone. The hard work has been done and now we have finally got there. Then January hit, there was no connection, where was the joy, you were feeling irritable, tearful, angry and fearful but you didn’t know why, everything became an effort, where had all that inspired motivation and creativity gone. You were so ready with all your plans last year, just waiting for the new year to kick start it all and now you want to do nothing, you don’t even want to talk to anyone. I have only seen one of my friends since Christmas, friends I used to talk to all the time; we have only spoken once or twice since then. We all went into our cave, we didn’t know why but things were settling in and other things were releasing, it was all very confusing and contradictory. To understand what is going on, we need to think with a new brain or at least a new perspective, don’t apply the old rules to the new world because that is what we will create.


So we all went to our caves, it was cold damp and uncomfortable, lonely but the solitude was good at the same time. Now you need to look back and think what your intentions were for 2013, what did you want to be, achieved, think about it and write it down? Then look at what has been going on for you recently and see if there are any links. Could recent events be a way of your life reshaping/restructuring to be able to support your intention? When we set our intentions we don’t limit ourselves with how, the universe will find the best way, our job is just to flow with it. It’s like having stepping stones laid out in front of you; you just have to see them.


So you may find that you have been fighting a bit of change which is actually going to give you something you have dreamed of. Luckily when you set your intentions around 12/12/12 all the energy workers and light workers around the world had been working for years to get the mass population to an energetic vibration to be able to be a clearer channel, this was supercharged during December, so you would have been in the right state to make a clear intention, which is right for you in line with your higher self, so don’t worry that you got it “wrong” lol.


During the first 3 months of 2013 most of the energy and light workers disappeared and you must have felt a little abandoned. This was your darkest hour and there seemed to be no one to turn to, no reassurance or advice to get, you had to look to yourself. Everything happens for a reason, this was not the energy workers intent though, the work that has been carried out for years by light/energy workers, seers, earth healers, whatever you want to call them ended around 25th December 2012, that was the culmination of that cycle, of that mission, the focus, the intention.


This affected us in many ways, directly after the 21st it appeared that energy workers around the world fell asleep at the same time for approx. the same amount of hours, no dreaming, just dead sleep, we were all taken off line, (that is another story but totally fascinating, we all fell asleep as though drugged) Then we had to appreciate the task we had completed, reconciling it ready for release, it was done now, we had to take what we had learned and move on.


We also had to make the shift to the new paradigm and our new task, we are still way showers, explorers, teachers but with a new intention, in a new world, with gifts yet to be discovered. Leaving that old way behind, recognising the ending of the cycle that had been many many lifetimes for us was like a death, our own death, it may sound dramatic but it was harsh but as usual it was also liberating and inspiring, the clarity and understanding was once again mind blowing.


The energy workers were all in the caves too, trying to make sense of it all, without any apparent connection to spirit/universe either. Physically we are all changing too as we adapt to the vibration of the new paradigm and the new abilities that will reveal. So once we got into late March and April we are all ready to come out of our caves, the energy workers are back and ready, this place rocks. Many of you are fully aware of what has come to the surface in you, where you are holding yourselves back and what needs releasing and this is a great month for that, if you are prepared to take a good look, warts and all. Some of you may not know what the issues are but you feel very uncomfortable. Look at your intentions for December and have faith that these issues are ready to be looked at, look a bit harder. Look to the life around you, what is it reflecting back at you, what does it want you to look at.


For many it really does feel as though your dreams are coming true, you are experiencing so much of the magic of 2013 and good for you, you have obviously done the work and I hope that it is a great inspiration for those around you who are not quite there yet. If you find that you get any feelings of resentment, envy or jealousy about where others appear to be on their path, even if fleeting, then it would be a good idea to process this area. This could be where you are holding yourself back. Please don’t judge yourself for having feelings you perceive as negative, they really aren’t, they are great, as they are signposts for an area to process, so you process it, it goes and then you don’t have to feel bad about those feeling again. That’s why I love processing, once it’s gone, it’s gone for good!


Anyway I digress, so you are out of your cave and you are actually very different internally than when you went in your cave even if you don’t feel it yet, you will. The next three months are very important to start tending to your reality, you get to play around a bit, see what life is like here. There will be lots of opportunities for processing old stuff, helping you to shift into a new alignment, go with it because the more you do the easier it is to play and it is fun. Pay attention to yourself; spend some time just sensing your body. How do you feel on every level and in every way?  Notice how different you feel, then move that awareness out to the energy around you, how does that feel, notice how different it is. Then just be! So become aware again of the intentions you set in December and see how they are beginning to play out for you and remember that even though you feel as though you are still in your cave and things are still not working out for you, they are, just not as you thought. These uncomfortable situations you are experiencing are opportunities for you to release and move on. They are showing you blocks on your path to your dream reality, see them for the gifts they are.


Love laughter and lots of sparkles Michele xx


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