October 14th 2016 Energy



October 14th 2016 Energy

Good Morning I hope you are well. So the energy is continuing to bring excitement and hyperactivity to the table. Do you feel yourself bubbling over with anticipation, at what you have absolutely no idea, well that is the full moon energy which is even more intense this month. The same goes if you are feeling extra irritable or anxious.


The energy of truth I strong as ever and this energy is never going to leave it. It is what will motivate and spur us on, we are all seekers of the truth and the first lie we need to take on is the one we tell ourselves.


Many of you will have already faced this particular illusion and the truth within you will burn strong, you will find it leaving your lips before you mind has even registered a question.  This is great and very empowering. Stay conscious in the moment and ensure your intentions are pure and you will find the truth is greatest ally as you create your new world.


However if you have been suppressing your truth or maybe you have so far refused to look, this weekend could bring it all flooding out, once again this could be a eureka moment for you or it could burst forth due to a catalyst such as an argument with a family member. Whichever way the truth is coming and working within all of you.

Once you find your own truth you never have to prove a point again!

This weekend energy levels are going to be really high and it is going to be rather crazy out there.  There are so many people right now who are in the in between, they feel things changing and this brings in the fear, they are unhappy dissatisfied, confused and in need. In need of control as they don’t understand any of this and being in control of something will make them feel better. Another way to satisfy needs is to adopt roles, in particular, the saviour, the abuser and the victim, these are going to be played out like a boss this weekend, be really aware of this and neither cast the roles nor accepts them. A & E are going to be busy this weekend.


With the Full Moon and the energy of truth around, people are going to be called on their shit; if you have been acting without integrity then you will be made to be accountable. This is why this weekend is going to be explosive.


People are beginning to realise the truths within and will no longer compromise, the truth will be a mighty sword and cut through the darkness.  For many this will feel like chaos, the world as they knew it is changing and this brings about deep fear.


Be aware of this fear at the weekend, the energy of this moon is very creative and bold; it empowers you with pure and raw natural energy. It pulls you to your feet and makes you dance until you are dizzy yet at the same time if you are not in balance, if you are controlled by ego and if you are hiding something or not acting with integrity then you may react with anger, uncontrolled and intense.


My advice this weekend, stay in and use this energy to see what you are creating, what is your truth, I will be having a fire pit of gratitude, for all the things created in the last few months and thanks for the creations to come.


I will be taking this awesome energy and using it to create the building blocks for the next cycle.


For most thought I would suggest taking the light of the moon and allow it to illuminate the darkness within, acknowledge it and thank it, if you continue to deny it, an explosion will occur. Once you admit its existence then you can work on balancing it.


It is also a great opportunity to see how you treat others, are they a means to an end, are they the solution to your problems, do you lie and cheat?  Integrity and honesty is the password for 2017, would you get in?


Please do get in touch if you are in fear, this weekend will be intense but all these things are here not to destroy us but to show us where we need to grow. When you are living in balance all energy is awesome and helpful, when out of balance it is an indicator of where you need to look. A bit like rain on a leaky roof, you know in an instant where the holes are.


Have a wonderfully empowering and truthful day, lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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