October 13th 2016 Energy

cold moon

Good Morning, I hope you slept well, so the energy is strong and excitable, for some this translates as excitement and for others this brings anger and anxiety. Whatever you are feeling is a good indicator of work that needs to be done.

If you are excitable, like a child at Christmas then you have been doing some inner work or you have been releasing the past. If you can cast your mind back over the last 3 to 4 months, there was a lot of looking back and letting go, well this weekend and into next week there are going to be some surprises for you. You will feel life become kick started and you will feel it flow.

If however you are feeling anxious or angry and you decided not to take a closer look then you may find yourself in the middle of a lot of drama this weekend. The anger and frustration may reach a tipping point and rows will occur.

I will be having a gratitude fire pit this weekend, as we have so much gratitude for the passing year, so many lessons, so many miracles and so much abundance, my friend will also be throwing in her all the remnants of her last cycle so she can truly appreciate the beautiful gifts and rewards that are coming in.

This really is a magical time, if you work on yourself then the rewards really are mind-blowingly awesome, life is an absolute dream and you cannot remove the smile from your face. If you are still projecting outwards then life is tough and will continue to be so and the lessons will get tougher but nothing is against you, it just takes a moment for you to stop and readjust your gaze and then a new path opens up and you too play in this amazing magical joyful world.

Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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