Paradigms, Duality, Unity, What does it mean?


Paradigms, Duality, Unity, What does it mean?


Everything I believe in, my journey so far and my course is based on a few basic principles.  The main ones being that we are living in a Duality Paradigm and are ascending into the new Paradigm of Unity.  I speak of this a lot so I wanted to take some time to clarify what I mean by this.


So the terms I will be looking at are:



Paradigm Shift





Paradigm – is a word traditionally used in the scientific arena, however here it is applied to the world rather than a particular field.


Paradigm is a framework containing the basic assumptions, ways of thinking, and methodology that are commonly accepted by citizens of the world.


The paradigm of duality that we are currently living in has been with us for over 6000 years, it is the structure that shapes our thoughts and behaviours. It is the rules of the game and the conditions of our world. Our scientific explanations and understanding are formed within the structure of duality.


We live in a duality and we have an operating system (our mind’s thought processes etc.)That works within the duality structure. Everything we know and believe everything we see in the world is all formed within the rules of duality.


A paradigm lasts for a particular amount of time. If you imagine our world’s time line and you put a dome over it, everything within that dome exists in a duality. The dome is the paradigm and this one is called duality, which has a particular set of rules and conditions.


So the paradigm of duality that we live in describes the particular ways of being and seeing the world, it also relates to the natural laws, everything on earth during that time period exist under the conditions of the duality.


At this time in history we are experiencing a paradigm shift, which is why everything is so exciting but also intense.


Paradigm Shift – this is the movement from one paradigm to another. Therefore the ways of thinking acting and perceiving the world are changing, the structure of the world and the natural laws are changing. In the scientific field Quantum Physics is showing us this shift. It has been happening for some time and will take a decade or so longer before the shift is felt by the masses.

When people talk of Ascension in the modern term, I believe they are referring to this shift, the ascension from one paradigm to another. The next paradigm is of a much higher vibrational rate so we will be ascending.


Duality – Within any paradigm certain conditions need to be met and are present in all areas, including you. These are some of the conditions of a duality;

  • Exists in 4 Dimensions although we perceive the world as 3 dimensional.
  • Is a world of Polarities or opposites, either or, good or bad, positive or negative, you cannot have one without the other. For someone to have more someone else has to have less.
  • Time is linear.
  • It is a Patriarchy – The world is run by men
  • Fear Based
  • A world of external dominance and control. This creates war and conflict but also other abuses of power and corruption in the economic market.
  • The external is valued over the internal, we feel better, more powerful, more successful and more in control when we amass a fortune, or win at whatever, when we control the environment or other people.
  • Wealth = success & power
  • A world of division, boundaries and separateness.
  • Individuality, we are isolated individuals, unaware of our connectivity.
  • The conscious and unconscious, just a fragment of ourselves is known to us.
  • The Ego is in control
  • We run a duality based operating system
  • Looking outside of self for validation



Unity – is the paradigm we are moving into, it is already here and we are in the overlap period.

The conditions of Unity:


  • Exists in the 5th Dimension and beyond
  • Polarities no longer exist, this is a paradigm of ALL not either or.
  • This is neither a Patriarchy nor a Matriarchy, there is neither male nor female in unity
  • Love based
  • Co-operation and collaboration are the key elements
  • Everything is brought into balance, your outer world is your inner world and vice versa
  • A world of unity without division or boundaries, nor labels and categories.
  • Awareness of the connectivity of all things and being in that flow.
  • The heart is in control
  • Peace
  • The natural laws will change and we will see and interact with both time and space differently.
  • Running a Unity operating system


As we move into Unity and our operating system changes we will perceive and experience things would couldn’t even dream of whilst in a duality and running the duality OS.


That is what we are here at this moment to do, to transcend duality and move into unity. We can do that by dissolving the conditions of the old paradigm within us and bringing in the new operating system.


This is what my students are doing at the moment with some amazing results. It is hard to put into words what we are experiencing, as it is outside our duality language, however if you have any questions for them I will pass them along, I know they would be happy to share.


I hope these explanations have helped, as I was gently reminded today that it can be hard to follow me at times with the terms I use but please never be afraid to ask for clarification, I love questions and it gets you thinking.


Love and laughter Michele xxxx


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