October 12th 2016 Energy


download-6October 12th 2016 Energy


Good Morning, I hope you are well, the energy is a little less excitable today in a bubbly kind of way but it still feels like it is going to stir things up in a deep way.


I feel the energy of passion and this can make you feel as though you are being propelled forward, almost out of control. Take some time to ground and bring yourself back into the moment. It is good to have fire in your belly and to be inspired but you have to do this in a conscious way or you will end up somewhere you really didn’t want to be.


I can feel creativity, purpose and more passion, go create, express yourself, dance and sing whatever you feel like doing. One of the many reasons that I go to the beach every day, is I can sing at the very top of my lungs and I can dance. When do most people get the chance to really belt out those songs, or even experience how loud they can sing?  You have to find a way to express yourselves to the fullest.


I also feel a nurturing energy, like a gardener would give his seedlings, there are important truths within you that you are only just getting to understand, maybe you are not quite ready to share those truths and they need to be nurtured for a while. This is fine but don’t swallow anything down,  you are being encouraged to speak and people will listen.


As always check your own energy and make sure it isn’t you bringing the stressed energy to the party, deep breathing and grounding exercises are very important and you have a responsibility to maintain this.


This weekend is going to be crazy for some, the energies may help you explode if you are suppressing things. This may be a good weekend to stay home and look at what you have a achieved so far this year, the changes you have made and what you are looking at bringing in over the next couple of months. The ending of the year is going to be big and these are big opportunities for you, however if you stick your head in the sand then a new perspective may be forced upon you.


Honesty and integrity is what you need as your yard stick, make sure you feel this with your heart as your ego will tell you that you are the most generous kind and honest person whilst you’re are simultaneously manipulating someone. This is why being conscious in the moment is so important, it is the only way you can get beneath the ego and really see what is going on.


Have a great day, lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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