October 11th 2016 Energy



Good Morning, I hope you slept well, I had a very cosy and snuggly sleep which is why the report is a little bit late, it was just too delicious to get up from.


Today I feel the energy of new beginnings and new seeds being planted and it is important that you do this consciously , what is it that you want in your life? Feel it with you heart not your head and great things will grow.


It is time to get out of your heads and into your heart or this weekend it will feel like your head is going to explode. Being strongly in Ego will ensure that you try and control everything, as the weekend approaches there is no possibility of control, the energies will speed up and become much more intense, this will jet propel some forward and for others they may go off emotionally like a shaken bottle of pop.


As we continue throughout the year those who like to be in control will find this less and less possible, frustration and anger will follow, so start looking at the level of control you like to have, it is probably more than you think. Look at it this way, how do you react when things don’t go your way, think about that.


You see once you let go of the control there is actually a beautiful dance going on and you can be part of that. Life really is a beautiful place to be and one you begin to dissolve the conditioning that keeps you trapped you can once again be part of that……one of the reasons my students can’t stop smiling.


Integrity and truth are still around and will continue to be for as far as I can see, there really is no getting away from this.


I also feel the energy of dedication and commitment, also courage, this is going to help you see things through. It isn’t always easy especially trying to break habit but it is necessary.


Courage will also help us stand tall and strong, as will truth and integrity, when you know who you are and when you love yourself, you know that you stand in truth and that helps you stand tall. Many will try and knock you down but you have everything you need. Truth cannot be denied and it gives you a strength that is unrivalled.


What is your truth?


Make a commitment to write a list of your truths by the weekend, what is non-negotiable for you, what do you feel with every fibre in your being. By the weekend you will glad that you did.


Lots of love and laughter Michele  xxxxxx


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