October 10th 2016 Energy

wave large


Good morning, I hope you have had a restful & fun weekend. If you sit for a moment or too and breathe you may be able to feel the slight change in the air. The energy is beginning to ramp up again, it is still gentle today but it will increase in intensity and this weekend will be incredibly revealing for all.


The energy of truth, integrity, understanding and wisdom is coming in and it’s going to shake things up a lot, there will however be a gentle lead up to it. It won’t be a shock but it will rip the sticking plaster off quick and rather abruptly


I also feel creativity, wonder, love, compassion, this really could be a magical week if you allow it feels a bit like a week of two halves, the first half is inspiring and creative, it is dynamic and funny the second half of the week will depend where you are in life. If you are balanced then this weekend is awe inspiring, it will make you want to cry from the sheer awesomeness of life. It feels similar to the way the sea feels in the middle of a storm; you have the power to make things happen.


If you are in the middle of something where you are being deceived or manipulated in any way then this will come into your awareness. For some this may come as a shock and for others it was expected but you will have your blinders removed and you will be urged to do something about it. You will feel propelled forward and will act from you heart.


For others this is going to be rather harsh, if you are not acting with integrity and honesty then this will be brought to a head for you and the lesson forced upon you. Look at your life and you can see how much it does or does not flow. How much dilemma, confrontation, money issues, relationship troubles and just daily mishaps are you having, this is not flow and if this is your life you may want to start addressing your own issues before they are brought smack into your face this weekend.


If you are in flow everything just presents itself to you when it is time, you flow, you are not late for things, despite never rushing, you don’t lose things or if you do they turn up unharmed. You don’t need to push anything or search, you can just be and everything will naturally unfold.


It is time for us to come to each other naked, without manipulation, lies, attachments, expectations. Other people aren’t there to do it for us, to be our saviours, our meal tickets or our bridge to a better life. We cannot continue to feel better about ourselves so we cast ourselves as saviour or victim as we are casting our loved ones as villains or hero’s


We need to tap into kindness and humility, generosity of spirit but more than anything else and it has been here for a while INTEGRITY, learn you lesson or you will have no choice by the weekend.


However if you are in balance or are willing to look at these things then you are going to have a truly magical and inspiring week and weekend.


Always here if you have any questions, lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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