October 9th 2016 Energy



Good Morning I hope you are well, the energy this morning is still and calm, with a strong assuredness, a great day to just be. However I also feel anger and lots of it, it is a frustrated anger, that stamping of the feet and yelling “why won’t you just do as I say?” energy.


There is going to be a lot of that anger as we head towards the end of the year, many changes will be occurring and those who are not changing will want everyone who is, to go back to the way they were. You may be unhappy and dissatisfied but at least you knew this, moving into the unknown is too scary for many, it requires an element of faith and trust that many just don’t have….not yet anyway. What do you put up with in your life with the “better the devil you know” adage ringing in your ears?


I also feel inspiration and new growth, it is time to nurture what is beginning to grow in your life. It may only be a small flicker in your heart, a seed of an idea, a new way of thinking or it may just be a feeling that something new and magically is about to come into your life, whatever it is allow it grow, allow it to express itself to you. It is time for something new, after all doing what you’ve always done, feeling the way you’ve always felt,  has not worked out so well for you. Of course you may be pretty happy but are you consistently joyful, does everything flow with grace, love and abundance in your life? Whether unhappy or just ok, it is time to try something new, to believe in yourself, to know that there is a purpose to your life here and it isn’t one of struggle and hardship.


What we are doing now is going to come back to us next spring, so be conscious in all that you do. I feel a major gateway coming next spring and what you do now will influence your experience of that..


Truth and Integrity are coming in by the bucket load and will continue into the foreseeable future. This really is the theme of this year and next,  next year is truth and judgement and you will be called upon your actions and intentions, if you wont look within and take responsibility then the universe will present it to you, up close and personal so that you and everyone else can see the poor choices you have made.


It is vitally important that you treat others with honesty compassion and integrity, nobody is there to satisfy your needs, manipulation control and using others is a big no no and you will be made accountable for this.


How you treat others and animals is an indication of how connected you are to your heart. When in your heart space you would and could never knowingly harm another by word deed or intention. It is time to get beneath the ego, and see how do you treat others?


So step out of the shadows and take a good look, it is time to be completely honest.


Have a good day, embrace the stillness and recognise the anger being passed around, if it triggers you process it but mainly don’t own it.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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